Updated: Thursday, October 22, 2020

Looking for some simple natural hair care tips to help your clients take better care of their hair?

For inside and outside beauty, self-care is important! Before showering your clients with care and affection, make sure they take some time for themselves to show their hair some well-deserved appreciation…

We have 5 easy ways to care for your hair that you can share in your salon – for healthier hair and happier clients:

Hair care tip #1: How to take care of frizzy hair
Hair care tip #2: Pre-poo! Integrate hair care before washing the hair
Hair care tip #3: Scalp Scrubs
Hair care tip #4: Upgrade your moisturising game
Hair care tip #5: Importance of sleeping for healthy hair

Tip #1: How to take care of frizzy hair

Frizzy Hair

First of all, you should recommend that your clients review and consider improving their every-day hair care routines.

There are many small and big improvements to get rid of frizzy hair. Not only today but also in the future!

Do your clients use brushes and combs that aren’t optimal for their hair type? That might cause more breakage.

Or do they cause unnecessary damage by not using heat protector before styling tools like curling irons and blow driers?

Tight hair rubber bands that pull on the roots?

These things can be easily adjusted.

You can help them find the best products for frizzy hair, and suggest they reach for a scrunchie instead of a rubber band. They can also let their hair air-dry more often or use our heat protector spray before styling.

Pro Tip: They could try using a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt instead of a ‘regular’ towel when drying their hair to minimise frizz and breakage. This is also something you can improve in your salon!

Tip #2: Pre-poo! Integrate hair care before washing the hair


Fist of all, what is pre-pooing?

“Pre-pooing” is an oil treatment applied to the hair before shampooing and washing.

This treatment doesn’t only help with detangling and smoothing hair strands. It is also a very effective way to lock in moisture and shine and protecting the follicles from dryness.

It also helps to prevent you from losing more hair than necessary during washing.

This is a simple treatment you can recommend your clients to do at home while relaxing or even while getting other important stuff done.

You can customise the blend of these oils for individual hair-needs, but the most common DIY oil mix consists of equal parts of almond, castor, olive, coconut and lavender oil.

Recommend they leave this mix in for a couple of hours (at least one), and then go on with their normal washing routine.

Another pre-poo option is a “hot oil treatment” which focuses more on the scalp and is a potent way to fight dandruff and stimulate growth.

The heat helps the oil penetrate deeper into the roots and follicles of hair strands, making them less porous and susceptible to dryness.

Your clients can heat up the oils (lightly!), then use an applicator bottle for easier distribution to the scalp and slightly damp hair.

After massaging the mixture in, they should let it penetrate for 15-30 minutes before washing the hair as usual.

Psssst: If you are short of time, we did you a solid and added most of these oils to our Intensive Hair Mask, so this is the perfect product to use just for this! We highly recommend giving the hair a go with the Rejuvenating Hair Mist first to add a little moisture for a better spreadability of the mask. If you are keen on adding to your scalp as well, then use the Exfoliative Scalp Treatment first. Remember, you can easily use all 3 products combined and leave it for a an hour or even more.

Tip #3: Scalp Scrubs

If your clients suffer from dandruff, a dry or itchy scalp, oily hair or just want to improve blood circulation and hair growth, an organic scalp scrub may be just what they need!

You can use our NATULIQUE Organic Exfoliative Scalp and Skin Therapy, which is perfect for your salon and also for your clients to take home!

After massaging it in for about 10 minutes, let it sit for another 20, preferably wrapped in a towel or shower cap, and then rinse it out.

The special blend of urea, tea tree oil, cocoa seed butter, glycerine, lavender, and aloe vera leaf extract relieves tension and itchiness immediately, while restoring moisture and nourishment to the scalp!

If your client is very intent on improving hair growth, top off this scalp treatment with our clinically proven NATULIQUE Hair Growth Serum.

After washing the hair, apply and massage the serum into the scalp and let it penetrate for 30 minutes before continuing with the usual styling process.

Tip #4: Upgrade your moisturising game

Moisturising Hair

A comprehensive moisturising step should be part of any hair-care routine!

So additionally to shampooing and conditioning regularly, you can recommend your clients to deep condition their hair at least once a week!

NATULIQUE’s Intensive Deep Penetrating Hair Mask with certified organic fruit extracts, essential oils, and vitamins is a great way to achieve stronger, healthier and smoother hair.

Also, make sure to help your clients personalize their routine according to their hair type. Their texture and needs determine how long you should leave the product in for, how many times a week it should be used, what kind of products and ingredients work best for them and so on.

You may find that a deep conditioning hair mask in combination with a leave-in conditioner works best for locking in moisture and providing shine for one, whereas using only one or two targeted products after washing your hair can prevent excessive greasiness with another.

NATULIQUE provides a wide variety of products for all these different needs. For example, clients who struggle with frizzy hair may react best to our Vitamin E enriched Moroccan Argan Oil and clients with dull and dry hair would benefit from our Nourishing Hair Cream with Vitamin B5 and natural silk protein.

Encourage your clients to try out a couple of different techniques and products until you find what suits their hair best!

Pro Tip: If your clients have very fine hair strands, a, oil treatment before showering may help give their hair some body.

If they have medium to thick hair you should opt for products with natural hydrators like coconut oil, aloe vera or shea butter.

Tip #5: Importance of sleeping for healthy hair

Sleep important for hair

Improve your sleeping habits! When you rest, your hair rests too.

While you are asleep, your body produces melatonin. This is a hormone that regulates your sleep cycle and it has an impact on hair growth as well.

A lack of sleep or oversleeping could be due to a decrease in levels of melatonin in your body, and it could result in hair loss.

Therefore, sleep and healthier hair is connected – always make sure to get a decent amount of sleep.

Share the following tips on a nighttime hair routine with your clients to ensure their hair is getting the most out of the night.

The hair should be dried and brushed before going to bed to avoid knots and breakage.

If your clients do feel it is necessary to tie their hair for a desired style or simply preferred comfort, suggest they grab a cotton scrunchie instead of a rubber hair band.

You can also suggest them to consider splurging on a satin pillow case or head scarf as the reduced friction noticeably minimizes frizz and split ends.

Pro Tip: If they’re too busy during the day to tend to their hair or pay you a visit, they could try out an over-night treatment and let the products do their magic while both they and their hair get a good-night’s rest.

But we find that the ultimate way to take care of your hair is by taking care of yourself!

Remember the body reacts in different ways to emotional and physical stress, so encourage your clients to not just take time for their hair, but also for themselves!

And the same goes for you! For a healthier salon environment and experience for you and your clients.

One Final Tip…

If you have read this far, we have a final 6th tip for you.

Drinking water.

Making sure to drink enough water everyday is a great and easy way to keep you hair and scalp from drying out!

If you have clients who struggle with dryness, you could consider asking them about their water consumption. The recommended amount a day for an adult is between 1.5 and 2 liters.

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