Marketing insight: Why is it even important to work on the appeal of your salon?

The relationship between a brand or product and its consumer used to be very simple. 

The purpose of any interaction was consumption and buyers didn’t expect anything more or less than exactly what that product promised to do.

Nowadays, especially in the hair care industry, consumers expect a lot more from your salon experience than just a new hairdo. 

Consumption is no longer the only purpose but a given. For example, hair care products are not just used to clean your hair but also for relaxation. 

That’s why your salon should aim to create a more wholesome spa experience.

This won’t only attract people who want to have their hair done, but also people who want to generally relax and feel good about themselves.

This way you can broaden your target group, attract more clients and encourage them to engage with a wider range of your services and products.

In other words, you can attract clients who don’t just want an appointment but a full experience.

You’re offering your clients a sanctuary where they can relax, tune out and let themselves be pampered, which is essentially already a spa approach in itself.

So, just keep the notion of the ‘Spalon’ in mind when thinking about how you can best market yourself and your salon and provide your clients with the most valuable experiences.

In the following we will go through 5 easy ways in which you can broaden and improve the image of your salon by establishing spa-like elements in your everyday activities. 

#1 Services: Holistic treatments
#2 Salon Design: The Overall Atmosphere
#3 Entertainment: Focus on the experience
#4 Make yourself available: Booking appointments
#5 Make clients feel valued: Personal interaction

#1 Services

handcream and handwash

One way to upgrade the appeal of your salon is through the services and treatments you offer.

Naturally, salons and spas mainly vary in the services they provide for their respective clients.

Hairdressing is a specific focus on one part of the body but ‘spa’ is the combination of thrilling and relaxing experiences, that also include hairdressing.

Offer treatments that focus on other parts of your clients body, for example massages, facial treatments or manicures.

It doesn’t take much to add a new treatment to your offers.

Our new Protective Moisturizing Hand Cream with shea butter, olive oil, and aloe vera is perfectly suited for soothing hand massages. It provides an easy way to integrate spa care into your salon.

Your clients will remember this as a pleasant and useful experience. 

Whether your clients are getting their hair done, receiving a massage or washing their hands the products that you use should always represent your salon’s philosophy and standards.

Our Hand Creams and Washes match your environmentally conscious approach to the industry as a NATULIQUE family member. The spa experience you create should come across in everything you do and everything your clients experience.

If you’re more comfortable staying within the scope of hair care treatments, another idea is to use our Exfoliating Scalp Therapy as a way to give destressing scalp massages.

This is a great option because the massage will not only be relaxing, but the Tea Tree Oil and Urea in this product will effectively soothe, heal and protect dry, irritated and sensitive, itchy scalps. 

You could easily incorporate these and other spa treatments during waiting times, before or after appointments or even while they’re waiting for a conditioner, mask or colour to develop.

#2 Salon Design

salon layout

As previously mentioned, a wholesome spa experience demands consistency in all areas in approach and feel, which is why you should also consider your salon’s layout with regard to the overall atmosphere you want to create.

The atmosphere is strongly influenced by the presence of yourself and your coworkers, but things such as furniture, layout, and flow can also have a huge impact on the feel of your salon. 

We previously published a blog about salon interior ideas and the importance of coherence and practicality alongside aesthetics. If you’re considering changing the services provided in and overall vibe of your salon you must also inspect your current salon design.

As mentioned, a spa is made up of multiple experiences and engagements. Therefore, you should focus on providing enough space for each step of the process. 

For example, explore placing your furniture in a strategic way to create a separate waiting and treatment area.

You can even use mirrors, plants and other furniture pieces to create multiple ‘zones’ within the treatment area, so clients who are, for example, having their hair coloured and clients getting a massage are more secluded from each other.

This places more focus and emphasis on the steps you are taking to make your clients as comfortable as possible and will surely not go unappreciated. 

#3 Entertainment

tv screen

The way your salon looks, the services you offer and how you and your employees present yourselves builds your brand identity.

Everything you do is to present your salon in the best possible light and improve current and potential clients’ perception of you.

So, as a salon owner or worker, the best thing you can do for this is guide your clients’ perception of your salon as far as possible. This can be achieved through the entertainment you offer them. 

Waiting times before and during an appointment provide great opportunities to make your clients feel cared for through. You can offer snacks and refreshments like hot beverages (especially in winter), playing some entertaining music, or even installing a TV with relevant channels etc.

You can use these periods to inform clients about your brand, personality, philosophy and the range of spa treatments you now provide.

Consider using items like little cards with your salon philosophy that also double as an appointment card. Put out magazines specifically about your products, such as NATULIQUE leaflets, or magazines about things that are important to your salon, such as sustainability, fighting animal cruelty or veganism.

You can even show off cool before and after photos from your best results so far. 

Instead of giving your clients the chance to get bored and start associating random and possibly negative things with your salon, use any chance you can get to show the benefits and positive things about your salon to create the best possible brand image.

Guiding your clients’ thoughts towards positive, relaxing and comforting topics while in your salon, doesn’t only improve your brand image but also means that your clients are less preoccupied with their personal issues and more focussed on enjoying the experience you’re offering them. And that’s a sure fire way to enhance your salon’s spa appeal!

#4 Make yourself available

instagram salon

Modern clients don’t only seek comfort in the actual salon treatments that you can provide them but also in everything surrounding that experience. A trip to the salon should be a trip to their safe haven and therefore as stress and hassle free as possible.

Look for ways in which you can make your services as accommodating and effortless as the actual treatments.

For example, you could make booking appointments with you a lot easier by means of automated booking apps, user friendly websites or a self-designed system that works best for you and your clients. Check out our blog about 3 Industry trends to watch for more inspiration here.

Another thing you can do is to make getting information about you as easily accessible as possible. Meaning be present on multiple platforms, be active on social media, interact with your clients and most importantly, make sure the representation i.e.: tone of voice, brand identity etc is consistent with what you display in your salon.

#5 Make clients feel valued


People go to salons and spas to feel better about themselves and you, as their hairdresser, can add to that feeling not only through your craft but also through the way you interact with them personally.

As a salon, you should aim to make yourself as enjoyable as the treatments and results you provide!

In other words; make clients feel valued and appreciated from the moment they enter your salon until they are out of the doors again. 

Easy ways to accomplish this could be 

  • Through simply asking for their feedback and seriously addressing any concerns they may have, positive or negative

  • Through getting personally involved with clients, by being open and welcoming, maybe asking them a few questions and just treating them like a friend, not just a client. This will also make sharing feedback easier, as you and your clients will be more comfortable with each other and the atmosphere will be more relaxed overall

  • Through rewarding loyal clients with coupons, discounts, loyalty programs, offers or similar. (Consumer loyalty is so much more valuable than a visit from a new, one-time client, so don’t neglect attracting new people but make sure you still take care of and appreciate the clients you already have!)

  • Through following through on your standards until the very end of an appointment. Especially in a spa your job doesn’t finish until the client has left your salon again and wasn’t successful unless the client leaves at least as happy as they came in. That’s because evaluation is the most important part in consumers’ purchasing behaviour and cycle. If this step is negative (expectations > outcome) the whole experience will be tainted and might prevent them from coming back. Simply checking in right before you release them to make sure everything was to their liking and turned out the way they wanted (even if it didn’t, simply asking) can make a huge difference in their perception of the experience

If you are looking for an inspiration how to show your clients that you care about them during Christmas, read our special Christmas article.

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