As history has shown, no one values education and training like the NATULIQUE family.

From big salons to single independent hairdressers and hair professionals there is a steady demand for learning and a drive to improve oneself that we can only applaud.

And as we gladly follow this example we have comprised this blog as a way to support our NATULIQUE family in making the best out of themselves and their salons. Here are 5 easy ways you can stay educated as an independent hairdresser!

#1 Live Training Events


Our NATULIQUE family is full of talented, creative and educated hair professionals that are eager to share their knowledge amongst their own.

We quickly realised that the easiest way to spread not only that knowledge but also the core qualities of what NATULIQUE stands for, our philosophy and standards, was by bringing people together in real life.

Quickly, the NATULIQUE teaching events gained popularity and have soon become a fixed part of the brand. We offer live teaching events for different topics and of all sizes globally and affordably with active participation, lots of engagement and a ton of fun!

The trainings are organised by your local distributor. You can keep track of and sign up for these events through our website.

#2 NATULIQUE Online Academy


We quickly realised the growing demand for education amongst our individual hair professionals and wanted to offer a way for you to learn flexibly at your own speed and time. Because we know that the NATULIQUE family consists of many independent hairdressers who are often very busy with their craft on a day to day basis, we offer an online alternative that you could utilise in your own time from the comfort of your home.

The NATULIQUE Online Academy is just that! You can take different courses on various topics, get the results instantly and even test your knowledge and get certified! Try it out and let us know what you think!

#3 Stay connected – Stay inspired

Every single one of our hair professionals are as creative as they come.

But real innovation and inspiration comes from collaborating with others and exposing oneself to new influences. As we are a global brand it seemed only logical that we would create an online community, where hair professionals from around the world could interact with each other, connect, share their experiences and help each other out!

Our NATULIQUE Stylist Group on Facebook serves that purpose! We might be passionate and educated about hairdressing but you are the real experts.

So, we realised early enough that all we needed to do is bring you together and let you do what you do best; create!

If you are not yet part of it feel more than welcome to shoot us a message and we’ll gladly introduce you to the group, where you’ll find that people collaborate and inspire each other on a daily basis.

It’s also a great platform to keep up with the latest trends, share your triumphs and get quick and helpful answers to any issues you may face in your salon.

#4 Involve your whole salon

We have found that many of our NATULIQUE partner salons find it very helpful to have regular get-togethers within their salon.

This is not only an opportunity to share your victories and struggles, and educate each other but also make sure everyone is up to date on the latest standards and techniques you may have developed in your salon.

On top of all the technical benefits of these meetings, there are also obvious team building and work climate attributes. A team that works well together and is on the same page creates an amazing environment also for your clients.

“Good vibes” are a palpable thing and we at NATULIQUE know and value how important a good mindset and work ethic is to create your best work!

#5 Business & The Craft go hand in hand

business ideas

Running a successful business takes more than just hairdressing talent. Take as much care of your salon as a business as you put effort into honing your craft!

We would encourage you to take a close look at your business and the processes within and critically examine where there is room for improvement.

Every salon and its worker are different, so you should put effort into developing a structure that works best for you not just adapting the “basic model”. For example there are applications specifically for salons and creative businesses that help you plan and manage your work schedules or make booking and allocating clients easier by automating and digitalising these processes! (Extra plus; reduced paper waste!)

Use one of the previously mentioned salon get togethers to discuss technical aspects of the salon and work issues. Many prevalent issues can be easily solved once addressed and perhaps somebody already has some ideas, but didn’t have the platform to share them.

A smooth running business only makes concentrating on your craft that much easier and enjoyable!

What do you think?