All too often women’s hair is the center of attention in the hairdressing scene. Today it’s time for men to step into the spotlight! We will reveal the secrets behind two of our beloved barber shops, give you insights about the hottest trends in the industry and make a selection of NATULIQUE stylists’ all-time-favourite hair products for men. Keep on reading to find out what’s behind the most recent masculine beauty rituals…

#1 Natural Hair Colours for Men

men grooming

Beauty trends change, and so does the hairdressing industry. A decade ago, it would have been really difficult to convince the average man to style his hair, yet try hair colouring! Nowadays, more and more male clients cross the threshold of barber shops, looking for a colour make-over. Fortunately, NATULIQUE offers a line of MEN Hair Colours that is 100% ammonia, SLS and parabens-free, for a discrete natural and masculine hair colouring system. The colours come in four different shades and cool tones. The colouring system covers 100% grey hair, offering a semi-permanent and natural-looking result which can be renewed every month for optimal maintenance.

Akiho Oda, salon owner of Aki Hair in New South Wales, Australia declared the MEN’s line her favourite product. “I made it my mission to source and acquire the best professional hair product in the industry. I rang up local hair salons in the area that specialised in using organic products to enquire what they are using and how effective they found the products. Most salons were unable to fully convey with certainty how their safe and clean products benefitted their clients, until I called a salon that was using NATULIQUE. They told me about the low percentage of PPD in the colour products. At the end of the conversation, I was certain NATULIQUE was the professional brand I was looking for and hence, I called the NSW distributor in Australia. My favourite product line is by far the MEN’s colour range, which is so quick and easy to apply! My clients’ experiences reached from reduced hair loss and scalp irritation to stronger hair texture and some clients were even able to colour their hair for the first time.”

#2 Fighting Hair Loss

NATULIQUE men grooming

Not only women, but also men dream of full hair with loads of volume, but unfortunately almost 80% of men around the world prematurely face a hair-loss problem! When they come to a barber shop, a lot of men have the same request: to find an effective anti-hair loss treatment. Luckily, NATULIQUE’s Anti-Hair Loss System offers a complete range of clinically proven Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner which are made of certified organic Aloe Vera, Olive Fruit, Almond Oil, Ginger Root, Rose Flower Water, Pure Silk and other beneficial ingredients meant to prevent hair loss and stimulate natural regrowth. Based on the patented Scandinavian Anti-Hairloss Bioscience, the system prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair roots while efficiently regenerating the hair follicles.

“I recommend this product for both men and women, as an ongoing treatment. In my experience, hair loss is a slow process, and if we can stop it by using this product, it will make a huge difference on the clients’ hair. The Anti-Hair Loss System revitalises the hair that is about to fall, as it gives it strength to grow healthy again, therefore increasing its amount. It is an ongoing treatment that needs to be used on a regular basis – it isn’t a cure, but a maintenance.” – says Jorge Viota, from Jorge Viota Salon in Melbourne.

Akiho saw many of her clients’ hair became thicker than before: “The people who are interested in these products usually have problems with oily scalps, they’re losing hair or they’re getting bald. I’ve seen those clients’ scalp condition getting better, they stopped losing so much hair and it became thicker, covering the bald spots.” – says Akiho.

#3 Creating Hold

short hair grooming

Since most men have short haircuts, the greatest challenge as a barber is to create a change so profound that it excites the client and makes him choose your salon over others. In order to do so, it’s important to gear up with the best styling products which can fully address your clients’ desires.

Our styling product range addresses every need, from beard grooming to styling curls. The Medium Hold and Extreme Hold Hair Wax offer long-lasting hold, absolutely perfect for short hair. Added Argan, Jojoba and Sunflower Seed Oil offer nourishment and protection, while natural beeswax promotes an excellent hold, shine and control.

With the modern male hairstyle, the NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo has become ideal as a Volume Spray to provide perfect firmness and volume. Just spray it on the roots to eliminate sebum and prevent oily hair, in the blink of an eye!

#4 Getting that runway look

For clients attending special events, or in case you’re responsible with styling the male models’ hair before a fashion show, we have just the products you need! For a full-on superb look, hair prepping is a must-do… and what tools would be more useful if not our Volumizing Hair Mousse and Nourishing Hair Cream?

Especially formulated with Argan Oil, Natural Silk Protein and Vitamin B5, our Nourishing Hair Cream deeply nourishes and protects the hair, while ensuring a natural, shine-free, radiant appearance. Moreover, it creates a firm and workable hold, being extremely useful for pre-styling more elaborate creations.

Our Volumizing Hair Mousse has a low fixation rate and it is highly elastic, being ideal for a great styling base. It adds volume and hold and prepares the hair for styling, while providing maximum manageability and creativity.

How to apply these two must-have pre-styling products? Both of them can be applied on damp hair and then air-dried, while gently using your fingers to shape the curls and waves.

#5 Urban Beard Styles

urban man

Your client wants to grow a beard, but is unsure about the maintenance it requires? We’re sure that once you explain to him how to apply our Moroccan Argan Oil, he’ll be yearning for the change!

The ideal beard is shiny and well-groomed, and NATULIQUE’s Moroccan Argan Oil is exactly what it takes to obtain the perfect masculine look! Enriched with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other vital nutrients, our Argan Oil softens the skin and tames beard hair, by smoothing split ends and frizz. It has a double role, as it keeps both the client’s skin and beard nourished, healthy and good-looking – a dream for each and every trendsetter!

#6 Curly Looks

Men's grooming curly NATULIQUE

Curls can give your client’s look a hint of playfulness. NATULIQUE’s Curl Defining Hair Cream is all you need to bend and keep the curls together, creating a compact but rebel look. For the clients who dare to stand out of the crowd, this modern and brave look is just what they need to impress the girls. For optimal results, use the NATULIQUE Hair Waxes on the edges.

How to do it? Just apply an appropriate amount of the Curl Defining Hair Cream on a towel-dried, slightly damp hair. Pay special attention to the mid-lengths and ends. Heat-style, blow-dry or air-dry.

#7 Education is Key

More and more clients have become open to the idea of trying out new looks. Luckily our barbers can  express their creativity more freely in terms of hair colouring, hairstyles or even beard grooming.

,,I believe that one of the biggest challenges in the MEN grooming industry is education; men want to learn what to do with their hair and what else should be in their daily rituals” – says Jorge.

,, On average the clients are between the ages of 30 and 50, suffering from a range of hair degeneration such as receding hair line, hair loss, weak, thinning and flaky hair. I believe these problems may be a cause of everyday high stress lifestyle. Generally men use less products than women and they don’t have an opportunity to learn how to choose or how to read the ingredients of products. I still need to educate most of my clients about how to choose the right products, why organic is good for them…” – says Akiho.

As you can see, education plays a central role in men’s grooming. As a final message for all our barbers out there – don’t forget to teach your male clients how to take care of their hair in every shape and form… you might be surprised how open they are to new changes!