With each passing day, we realize how important it is to be more sustainable. It may sound a bit difficult to make your salon more eco-friendly, but it’s actually not as confusing as you might think.

Of course you can’t do and don’t need to make drastic changes in your salon overnight, but if you continually make small changes to your habits in the salon, you will be able to make a big difference at last.

Here are some of our tips if you want your salon to be become “greener💚

1. Cut back on single-use products

Using low-tox hair products is a great first step but to become a truly sustainable business, this philosophy needs to be lived in all areas.

Ban as many ecologically harmful materials from your salon as possible, e.g. through using reusable mesh strips or NATULIQUE’s straw fibre mixing bowls and brushes instead of conventional plastic tools.

Recycle in general everything that is possible for you – such as bottles, towels and other traditional disposable products. That way, you can quickly cut down on the amount of waste that ends up in the trash.

When buying new, recyclable products, make sure they are made from natural fibers – e.g. cotton, bamboo or glass instead of synthetic fabrics.

If you still need to use disposable products, you can try using alternatives such as paper products or biodegradable materials.

Are you not sure how to improve recycling at your salon? Read our article focused on Recycling like a PRO.

2. Use eco-friendly products

Be sure to use some products that are more sustainable – It will be better for both you, your client and the environment.

Here at NATULIQUE, we do what we can to make our products as recyclable and eco-friendly as possible.

You can also choose to use eco-friendly cleaning products in your salon – chemical cleaning agents have no business in your business! Use an organic, low-tox detergent and replace your soap with a clean hand wash.

It will reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that pollute our fresh water. Look for products made from sustainable packaging that can either be recycled or are biodegradable. If possible, you can use different, more sustainable substitutes elsewhere in your salon – such as alternatives to foil and plastic wrap made from Paper Not Foil.

Eco-friendly products can play a really big role in your salon – From benches made of recycled wood to toilet paper or recycled paper bags – think twice and be creative before your next purchase.

Plant for an ecological salon
Train station for ecological travel


By making small changes, you can easily save a lot of resources.

A great innovation to save water at the basin without losing pressure are the ecoheads showerheads. As water plays a major role in your daily work as a hairdresser, read more about how it affects your client’s hair.

Towels and other fabrics should always be washed in eco-mode and air-dried to save both water and energy. It will both save you money and save the planet the use of unnecessary resources – Win-win!

Making the switch to LED light bulbs is yet another simple but effective trick to improve your salon’s ecological footprint.


Turning your salon into an urban jungle won’t only make it look cooler.

But all the people who come to your salon every day are involved in producing a lot of CO2, which can cause the level in your salon to rise more than you think.

An easy and cheap solution to this is plants – Plants clean the air and eliminate air pollutants from your salon such as formaldehyde or benzene.

Established detoxifying plants are for example Aloe Vera, Peace Lily or Azaleas. Additionally, the implementation of evaporators with essential oils can make your salon’s air “greener”.

In addition, the plants absorb dust particles by means of static electricity, which lands on the leaves. Your own cleaning lady!

Another way to improve the indoor climate in your salon is to ventilate. Unless you have a new, mechanical ventilation system, it is important that you do drafts for 5-10 minutes, preferably two or three times every day all year round.

Also read more about this in our blog post dedicated to beating air pollution in your salon.

5. Spread the spirit

Knowledge is important when it comes to changing one’s habits. To scale your salon’s ecological footprint, even more, involve your staff and clients in the process – They definitely want to be more sustainable too. Don’t you think?

Examples of things that can make your clients or staff more sustainable can be:

Create an eco-friendly support program, such as a 10% discount on retail products for clients who bring back empty containers for recycling. That way you can become more sustainable together.

Another simple idea is to encourage your staff to use public transport when getting to work by e.g. offering them to pay a share of their travel expenses, if it is possible for you.

Jutebag ecological footprint
Jutebag ecological footprint


For some, this might seem basic, but garbage separation can unfortunately not be taken for granted in all cultures.

So keep in mind – plastic, paper, glass and organic waste should never end up together.

Always try to have up to 2-3 separate recycle bins in your salon to sort the waste accordingly. It will make it easier and faster for you to sort your trash, and at the same time it will encourage your clients to sort their waste and give the planet a helping hand 👋

You can also find inspiration for waste sorting in this article on recycling in your salon.


When buying food for yourself and serving drinks and snacks to your clients and your employees, it is important that it is organic.

Also look for locally sourced tea, coffee, snacks and other products to offer in your salon, as it also has an impact on the product’s climate footprint.

Serve it in reusable containers and buy drinks bottled in glass instead of plastic.


There are various ways in which your clients’ hair can serve a purpose post-cutting. One idea is to send it to gardeners for composting. Human hair contains a lot of nitrogen, which is good for the soil. So make sure it ends up in a compost.

Otherwise, some companies use the cut hair to make Hair Booms, which can clean up oil and chemical spills in our oceans.

If you donate the cut hair, I can maybe be used for creating wigs. You can also find other ideas in this blog post about hair donations.


Although some of these changes are just baby steps, it will make a big difference to our planet if we each change our behaviors and habits.

These are also just some of our ideas for how you can cut down on waste in your salon. But think creatively and look for ways you can save resources in your salon and become even more sustainable – So what are you waiting for?

Want to do even more for the environment?

We can keep you in the loop for future tips and tricks…