In 1998, Mette and Stig founded NATULIQUE with a passion for health, nature and sustainable cosmetics. Below, they share their personal story and the journey of how NATULIQUE was born, which includes Mette’s personal fight against cancer and their struggle to find non-harmful baby products for their chemical sensitive newborn twins.

“From 1994 to 2001 we gave birth to 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy. We had always been very aware of the potential health risks from exposure to chemicals commonly found in our everyday environment, such as cosmetics, and tried our best to exclude those from our lives. However, our newborn twin girls developed allergies very early on and became very sensitive to chemicals. We, therefore, had to be even more careful with all kinds of soaps, shampoos and body washes, but it was not an easy task. At the time, organic products and the organic lifestyle hardly existed in the beauty industry.

Later, we concluded that we had to start our own company. We had to develop better and more trustworthy products. All the people we met during our journey expressed the same frustration and were very happy to find that someone was doing something about it.”

But, why the salon industry?

We believe in skills and education. Hairdressers and stylists are educated hair professionals who are acting as health advisers for their clients. They are in a unique position to spot complications and treat the hair, scalp and skin with the right ingredients.

Our passion is to work closely with those professionals who believe in the combination of art and sustainability.”

“I was only 28 and a young law student when the doctors discovered a lump in my breast during a routine check-up. My husband Stig and my family were all shocked. I had been living a healthy life and did not smoke or drink. My family had no history of breast cancer, so it seemed very unreal to me that I now was diagnosed with cancer. I was very scared.

At the time of my diagnosis, there was little information about the disease. My own investigation made it clear to me that our constant exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation is connected to our risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer education, chemical reduction in our everyday lives and early detection is lifesaving. Being involved in breast cancer prevention, as a partner to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, is thus a cause that is very close to our hearts at NATULIQUE. We have started our own foundation to create cancer awareness in the Salon Industry.

Although we are working with one of the strictest cosmetic safety regulations in the world, we have even higher demands for protecting the consumer of cosmetic products. With my background as a lawyer, NATULIQUE is able to stand stronger, as my professional legal knowledge benefits the company greatly when it comes to following and understanding the cosmetics legislation.”

Mette Lykkegaard

“As a young graduate in Economics from Copenhagen Business School, my goal was to choose a career within wind, wave or tidal energy as it means working towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Denmark is a world leader when it comes to fighting climate change, and in 2016 we had the lowest energy consumption in Denmark since 1983. By 2050, the country plans to meet 100% of its energy needs with renewables, creating more jobs, increasing exports and reducing its energy dependence, – I was in the right spot for my first career choice.

Making any type of change in a profession after a decade or more in another field can be scary, especially when the previous job is entirely unrelated. However, I decided to go on and work in the beauty industry, since Mette and I had experienced the consequences of using non-organic products on our own bodies. Today, I can honestly say I love this industry and I am very grateful for the decision I made back then. Like anything in life – with the right knowledge and tools, anyone can be empowered to accomplish whatever it is they set their mind to. Today, I know that the industry I left and the one I came to work within have a lot more in common than I thought. Sustainable living is not something that is exclusive to wind, wave and tidal energy, but something deeply embedded in our way of living and doing business.

Mette and I are fortunate to be able to support ourselves doing something we love and are deeply passionate about.”

Stig Bundgaard