NATULIQUE is born in Denmark, one of the world’s leading countries within renewable energy and sustainable living. Wanting to do more for nature and empower people with the healthiest choices makes NATULIQUE a unique brand that continuously inspires a strong global culture to create a future that is organic and sustainable.

Being a Lighthouse

Worldwide, NATULIQUE is well-known and respected for being an innovative and reliable business partner. This goes for both our product quality and our way of doing business with our partners and clients. We facilitate a culture of professionalism, flexibility, innovation, reliability, integrity and most of all family. Caring and truly being there for one another even though we are spread across the world is something we value highly, as we believe that the strongest foundation is one built on trust and loving relationships. This is something that is rooted deeply in our Danish heritage.

High Standards

Denmark has worked for an efficient and well-functioning internal market, transparent decision-making and clear visible results for the individual citizens. Caring about its citizen’s well-being is something that makes Denmark so unique. Danish government thus strictly regulates the hazardous chemicals found in everyday products. More than 1300 dangerous chemicals are today banned within cosmetics only. Contrasting is the U.S. FDA’s regulations, which only bans and restricts 11 chemicals in total. The rest of the world has similar low and worrisome regulation standards. Denmark is additionally front-runner when it comes to organic products. In 1987, Denmark was the first country in the world to implement organic state control. 29 years later, Denmark is now on its way to becoming the world’s first 100% organic country. Likewise, NATULIQUE was the first salon beauty line that made certified hair care products live up to an international certified standard.


Being Cruelty-Free

Because of the harm done to animal subjects, the European cosmetic law states that no cosmetic product tested on animals, anywhere in the world, may be sold nor produced in Denmark. Being cruelty-free can thus be said to be deeply rooted in our culture. However, at NATULIQUE we wish to do more and not turn a blind eye to what happens outside our borders. NATULIQUE is therefore a very devoted partner to Humane Society International and we continuously support their #BeCrueltyFree campaign.

Living Sustainable

Living sustainable and making responsible choices is something the Danish people are very familiar with. Green transportation is the way to move from one place to another. Especially the Danish biking culture is something worth noticing. The Danish capital Copenhagen is actually the first official Bike City in the world. The bike culture originates in a deep-felt collective responsibility for making the cities available for everyone and ensuring a clean atmosphere that is nice to live in. You will even find that the royal family at times bike with their children to school. If people are not on their bikes, they are most likely using public transportation.

Powered by Green Energy

Some countries are blessed with an abundance of natural resources such as oil, metals and gold. Denmark is blessed with wind – lots of it! Denmark has some of the best wind conditions in the world. It is therefore hardly surprising that Denmark became a pioneer in wind power and a world leader in the wind power technology. Wanting to leave the smallest amount of carbon footprint possible and taking care of Mother Nature, NATULIQUE decided to use wind power to produce our products.

However, it is not only NATULIQUE that cares deeply for the well-being of our Planet. The Danish capital Copenhagen is also moving rapidly towards becoming the first zero-carbon city in the world investing in wind farms and transforming its citywide heating system.

Clean Water

Denmark has some of the cleanest water in the world. Uniquely, all water is pumped up from water reservoirs that can be found deep below under the ground straight to the taps in the Danish homes. Having been filtered on its way down through several layers of sand to the reservoir, it is possible to drink the water without further processing. We consider clean water a human right; however, 884 million people currently lack access to clean water supplies. Sadly, water is becoming one of the Planet’s most scarce resources.

Health is Wealth

Taking care of one’s citizens, demanding transparency, being open-minded and providing sustainable alternatives are a few things that make Denmark so special. All these things combined are helping to ensure a brighter future and a more happy and healthy population. This is probably the secret behind the Happiest Nation Titel given to Denmark twice by The World Happiness Board.

Corporate Social Innovation

NATULIQUE is born out of the idea that Nature and Health is more important than financial progress. NATULIQUE has thus from the very beginning been built around a very different business structure than regular commercial brands. Thinking responsively the entire way through all the business layers have been a priority. This has resulted in NATULIQUE being a very family oriented brand that considers all employees and clients as family members; who sincerely care about each other’s well-being. On the production level this mean that all our products are produced using wind power, come in recyclable containers and are harvested from at least 98.02 % naturally derived ingredients.