The first complete CERTIFIED ORGANIC PROFESSIONAL hair care line in the world

NATULIQUE is born organic. From our very first product launch in 1998 until today, we have prided ourselves on following high standards.

We have worked with most of the certification bodies around the world, and today we use more than 30 different certified organic ingredients across our range of salon products.

We pride ourselves on following both third party standards and certifications, while also enforcing our own boundaries, rules and standards under the umbrella we call 360BIOCERT. The ethos of NATULIQUE if you will.

Certified Organic

The Vegan Certification

NATULIQUE desperately wants to improve the standard in the beauty industry and bring awareness to the cruel animal testing that prevails in this setting.

No one should suffer for beauty, which is why we have added the vegan certification to selected NATULIQUE hair care products.

None of the NATULIQUE products are tested on animals – and never have been.

The vegan certification logo from the Vegan Society is a symbol of the clear stance we take against animal cruelty, and it assures you that no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients are in the products.

Look for the Vegan Trademark

When you find the Vegan Society logo (The Vegan Trademark), you know that this product is not only 100% vegan, but you also supports the vegan cause and the fight for animal welfare when you buy it.

Certified Organic

Our 360BIOCERT Standard

We call it 360BIOCERT. We initiated it. We named it. And we are proud of it.

For us, 360BIOCERT was about going above and beyond the traditional standards of beauty and cosmetics.

We’re creating more eco-conscious salons on a global scale from the design stage to product construction and business operations.

Back in 1998, NATULIQUE started with being only certified organic.

Our product range consisted of 3 shampoos. But 3 shampoos that we were extremely proud of and that we put our hearts into creating. From there, our product line has evolved and expanded.

Since day 1, we have shared a vision of organic beauty. A vision that demanded the purest organic ingredients to ensure the safest products in the professional haircare industry. A vision we still strive towards today.

This vision has led us to create our 360BIOCERT standard:
A collection of both our initiatives and the standards following our products, production and environmental impact.


For us, quality goes above and beyond what’s inside the product. It extends throughout the product lifecycle, which is why products must be produced in an ethical and moral manner meaning:

🚫 No child labour: we do not accept production in countries with the risk of child labour.
🚫 No modern slavery: we do not accept production in countries with a risk of modern slavery.


We use ingredients that are ethically harvested from all corners of the world in cooperation with trusted Scandinavian partners.

Using oils and extract from certified organic farming reduces your risk of exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones while promoting the development of organic food and beauty products.


We demand every NATULIQUE product to be packed in 100% recyclable materials.

To go the extra mile, we are working towards delivering all our goods in reused and reclaimed materials only.

This is a never ending process to continuously strive towards carbon footprint minimisation.


Our products and production thereof must not harm any animals in their making, nor can any of the ingredients be tested on animals.

Our animal testing ban does not only apply to ingredients used in cosmetics or to consumer safety testing. It applies to any kind of testing, which includes environmental testing and worker safety testing.

Animal testing is still legal in 80% of all countries. In China, animal testing is actually a legal requirement, inflicting suffering and death on thousands of animals each year.


Our product development is unending research where we analyse, explore, source, and combine new ingredients.

Our formulations are seamlessly upgraded with each innovation, so every delivery is better than the last.

In this process, we make sure that our natural and organic ingredients are derived from renewable resources and manufactured by environmentally friendly processes.


Our products are produced according to the most strict cosmetic law, and follows the EU Cosmetics Directive’s ban on 2,482 chemicals from cosmetics that are known to cause cancer, genetic mutation, harm or birth defects.

Cleaner Professional Quality

Each product created is free from parabens, SLS, phthalates, mineral oils, GMOs, and is always cruelty-free. Within each of our product lines, you’ll also find vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, dye-free or fragrance-free options.

Ammonia Free

Parabenes Free

Phenoxyethanol Free

Artificial Fragrance Free

SLS Free

Silicones Free*

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