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Following the 360BIOCERT standard

At NATULIQUE we know that there is really only one trustworthy certification authority when it comes to our holistic vision.

Back in 1998, NATULIQUE started out being only certified organic. We have complied to and shared the vision demanding the purest organic ingredients to ensure the safest products in the professional hair care industry.

Today, we have created the 360BIOCERT standard, which represents a requirement level that is superior to conventional regulations governing cosmetics, thereby guaranteeing genuine and environmentally friendly ingredients throughout production, while promoting the use of natural substances of superior ecological quality. Read more here.

Certified Organic

Always look for the 360BIOCERT logo

Following the 360BIOCERT standard means that we pledge to live up to the standards. The 360BIOCERT Standard demands that a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients has a natural origin. Globally, NATULIQUE and 360BIOCERT are unique in striving to obtain these high standards and strict demands.

All 360BIOCERT ORGANIC products are produced in Denmark.