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NATULIQUE branded Apron cape with pockets for salon artists.



NATULIQUE Cape with logo. For salon clients.

NATULIQUE Colour Bowl and Brush

NATULIQUE Colour Bowl and Brush for perfect colouring. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

5 key benefits of using our Colour Bown and Brush

protective handwash

NATULIQUE Protective Handwash

NATULIQUE Protective Handwash is a protective hand soap with gentle cleansing and detoxifying agents that leaves your hands feeling silky and soft, and as always: Made with certified organic ingredients.

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protective hand cream

NATULIQUE Protective Handwash

NATULIQUE Protective Hand Cream provides gentle care to rescue hardworking dry hands, nails and skin. Helps to keep skin soft and prevents the discomfort of chapped skin, while vitalising tired hands. A thin protective layer provides optimal all-day protection for hard-working hands, and more durable, healthier hands

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moisturizing hand sanitizer

NATULIQUE Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

Graded EN1500 and EN14475 with 85% alcohol, the Moisturizing Hand Sanitiser provides effective removal of both bacteria and virus. Antibacterial properties provides a quick and convenient way to disinfect hands, killing 99.9% of harmful hand bacteria. Added Geraniol, Limonene and Glycerin, with moisturizing qualities, soothe and help limit dryness and irritation, making it safe and suitable for daily use. An anti-microbial film helps protect sensitive hands while leaving a light and pleasant scent.