It’s amazing what we are able to accomplish naturally nowadays

Kym used to visit Lynell with extremely unmanageable and highly porous mids and ends, caused by harsh chemical straightening treatments. Kym’s hair is very naturally tangled and together with the afro, it makes it nearly impossible to even get her hair into sections.

With NATULIQUE Curling System it’s possible to permanently smooth the hair without using harsh chemicals or flatiron.

Step by step guide

As decribed by Lynell Dumont, NATULIQUE Educator Queenland, Australia.

1) “I started out by using the NATULIQUE Volume Shampoo to detox the hair”

2) “I divided the hair into sections and apply NATULIQUE Curling System into every section with a comb. Let sit and relax for 20 minutes”

3) “Apply NATULIQUE Neutralizer, ease it through the hair with a comb. Left it for 5 minutes and then rinsed with luke warm water”

4) “Remove excess water with a towel leaving the hair damp”

5) “I then applied the NATULIQUE Stabilizer generously. Leave it for 7 minutes and rinse with luke warm water for 5 minutes”

6) “I finished up by blow-drying the hair with a paddle brush”

7) “The hair is now smoothed without any flatiron or products”

Kym was absolutely overwhelmed by the result and so are we!

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