At NATULIQUE, we are honoured to be working with so many talented people. You inspire us to fight for a brighter future. So when the sun rises and gives life to a new day, we understand that organic is not what we do. It is who we are.

Amanda Jane, the owner of Amanda Jane Salon, has a truly inspiring story. We talked with Amanda about her dreams for the future when she first launched her Salon, now 16 months later the salon is thriving and Amanda is receiving so much support for being organic from her clientele.

“ Since we talked last time my business has thrived!

When I initially made my decision to move my clientele from my previous workplace to my new venture in my own salon, I was nervous. Very nervous. Being self-employed in any industry and business makes you very vulnerable and this feeling of vulnerability resonates with me too well. From fear, we can feel excitement knowing it is going to challenge us, but for me, this is my method of income, my lifeline that pays my bills and I cannot afford to fail at this!

I owe everything to my clients. My clienteles’ continuous support and encouragement motivate me to do more for them. A job done well is an opportunity to do better.

Since opening my own salon 16 months ago, the volume of clientele has grown by 50%. I believe with any hair salon you can get new clients to walk through your door relatively easily, but if you can not retain those new potential clients then your business isn’t going to develop. There can be many reasons why a new client doesn’t choose to become a regular client and for me a critical component to developing a relationship with a new client is trust. The client needs to be able to trust me to deliver desired results and for me to be able to provide this I first need to trust myself and my products. NATULIQUE has stored trust in me by delivering time and time again with amazing products which in turn has made me a more confident and adventures hairdresser. By using NATULIQUE’s products I can deliver amazing and beautiful results to my clients without compromising on quality and health and this stores trust in them with me.

Another critical component of retaining a new client is value. As a consumer, we are happy to pay out our hard-earned cash if we believe we are receiving value for our money in return. Everything is justifiable and how we place value on something is a personal choice. Since using NATULIQUE my clients have noticed that their colour is lasting longer and no more nasty scalp irritations and this is resulting in them feeling confident to recommend a friend, family members or work colleagues to my salon. My clients are happy with the value they receive with my work and they trust I will continue to provide this for them as they continue to support my business.

I am a better hairdresser because of NATULIQUE. I am more confident and my business continues to grow because of this outstanding product and the motivating support I have from the NATULIQUE family. We are all here to help, encourage and support each other and no other product range has given me this support in the past. The opportunities that have been made available to me through NATULIQUE have all been valuable experiences that I can take back to my salon and work with.

In October, I am going to London to experience NATULIQUE at another level and I am beyond excited to embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Ever since the beginning of my apprenticeship at the age of 16, I have dreamt of doing something like this and this opportunity would never have been had possibly if it wasn’t for NATULIQUE.

I am so blessed to be able to do what I love every day. It’s not a job! I never go to work, I simply get to do what I love every day and meet amazing people along the journey. I am dedicated and very passionate about what I do, the long days and the late nights, and the sacrifices, but it’s all worth it seeing my clients smile and that is how I measure my success by the smiles on their faces, knowing I have made someone happy and feel good is such a satisfying reward.”

// Amanda Jane
Business Owner, Amanda Jane Salon

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