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NATULIQUE UK – 4 things we’ve learned from 10 years in the UK

10 Years: NATULIQUE has been around for many years now, continuously pursuing their mission and gaining valuable family members from all around the world along the way. Since 1998 we have strived to convince more professionals, more clients and more partners of the benefits of our low-tox, naturally derived products. And in January of 2010, exactly [...]

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5 Christmas gift ideas that are great for your clients & the environment

Christmas is approaching quickly and you might ask yourself how you can show appreciation to your most loyal clients. How about preparing a little gift bag for them? This blogpost will inspire you to prepare inexpensive yet thoughtful and environmentally-friendly gift bags to spread some love in your salon. Here are five ideas: [...]

2020-01-09T09:19:40+01:00December 18th, 2019|Blog|

Hair Typing Systems : How to define your clients’ texture and what it needs!

Adversity, Diversity and Hair Types World Afro Day was founded to celebrate the natural hairstyles and textures of black and mixed-race individuals. This year it fell on the 15.09., which was just a couple of days ago. The biases that have and still persist against this hair type are deeply rooted and have [...]

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3 Ways to Support a Client Who’s Experiencing Hair Loss

Throughout your career as a hairdresser, it’s likely you’ll encounter many different types of clients. Each day, it’s your job to style their hair in a way that makes them feel beautiful. While being a hairdresser is oftentimes one of the happiest professions in the world, there are days when you may be faced with [...]

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5 ways to stay educated as an independent hairdresser

As history has shown, no one values education and training like the NATULIQUE family. From big salons to single independent hairdressers and hair professionals there is a steady demand for learning and a drive to improve oneself that we can only applaud. And as we gladly follow this example we have comprised this blog as [...]

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Top 4 summer looks

Are you looking for summer inspiration? Look no further! We have gathered the four trendiest hairstyles of the season for you. The timeless sleeked back hairstyle, the wild beach waves or the freshly cut bob are our favourite looks of the season! It’s no wonder so many celebrities are wearing these looks... Keep on reading, [...]

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