BALANCE Sparkling Shine

Model colour formula: Roots: BALANCE Sparkling Shine with 9% activator and with an added few cm of 0.81. Ends: BALANCE Sparkling Shine with 1.5% activator with very little 0.11 added.


an innovative NATULIQUE way of offering a natural and shiny sun-kissed effect

Natural permanent
colour for an intensified effect on the hair

NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine is an ammonia-free, quick and simple one-step permanent hair colour service that creates a mild and soft end result, to any natural NATULIQUE lightened or NATULIQUE hair colour serviced hair. Works as a first-time service, between hair colour services or as a final touch after a just-completed hair colour service.

With the NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine you can create:

  • Soft highlights

  • Instant illumination

  • Authentic sun-kissed effect

  • Natural balayage effect

Blonde Root Touch-Up


The secret is that it creates a “balanced blend”-lift of up to two tones on natural NATULIQUE lightened or NATULIQUE coloured hair. It can be offered as a final service to secure a soft, harmonic and shining end result for the client, who will be able to leave the salon with a – by all means – even softer result and thereby happier.

The NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine lightens natural hair colour by reducing and neutralising the natural pigments of the hair and thereby changing the colour to a lighter colour with more reflections.

And just like the sun, it does this without adding or depositing any form of pigment.

Still with all the exceptional benefits you know and love from NATULIQUE

NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine is still part of the NATULIQUE Natural Colours family, so you can expect the same quality and integrity as you are used to with all of our other colours.

Do not use on people under the age of 16. Prior to use, always read the technical manual for instructions on how to use. For professional use only. Not for retail sale.

  • With naturally derived ingredients

  • With added natural fruit acids
  • Organically farmed plant extracts

  • Added organic oil complex
  • Added beneficial proteins

  • No animal-derived ingredients
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… we promise you’ll love it!