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NATULIQUE California

NATULIQUE California distributor Roya Adjory has been involved in the hair industry for over three decades.

She founded the very first Green Hair Salon in 2005 when her own health and the health of her mother and sister who she worked with started declining. She received a certification from the city of Los Angeles to be officially a green-certified salon and shortly after became the only hair salon to receive a Climate Leader Award from Cool California – and today, 8 years later, she is still the only salon owner to receive this award.

Leading the way in innovative solutions in creating a green space to work in and finding low-toxic products to be proud of.

Roya has driven NATULIQUE California and represented the NATULIQUE product line and family for the last 3 years and she continues to educate her peers in cleaner and greener practices. In her educational classes, there is not only a focus on learning about NATULIQUE product line but also an emphasis on all the ways to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and the health of our one and only planet without which we will not be here

Roya, along with many other concerned organizations, helped pass a law concerning labelling of salon products in 2018 which made it the very first cosmetic law to pass in over 70 years.

  • Color performance: 100% grey coverage with a natural color!
  • Color options: Over 72 shades of natural colors, pastels, men’s color, PPD free ZERO color
  • 360 BIOCERT: global ethos raising the standards for products within the salon industry
  • Sustainability: A company dedicated to sustainability and zero forestry impact, using rock paper.
  • Integrity: Founders and team members who live by a mission of transparency and ethics that reflect genuine integrity within their products.
NATULIQUE California

“My passion lies in sharing all that I came to learn from creating the very first green hair salon in California which was the result of a personal journey in finding answers to why my own health and the health of my family who I worked with was declining.

When I created my own green hair salon back in 2005 the numbers of companies offering cleaner and greener hair care products especially hair colors, were not in existence. Coming across NATULIQUE 3 years ago and becoming their official distributor has been a true gift. A company with great values, transparency and extraordinary performance I can stand behind and be proud of. In my professional life which extends over 3 decades, I never thought there will be products like NATULIQUE so I had given up on the idea and had settled for what was available. I also never imagined working with a group of people that shared so much of my passion and values in making our industry a safer place with cleaner products for the hair stylists that are bombarded with chemicals on a daily bases. When I get off the phone with my clients and hear their excitement about the brand and all that I am sharing, I feel I am living my purpose and I know I am making the world a little better than I found it. NATULIQUE is part of the solution in a chemically driven industry offering sustainable, non-toxic products that perform like no other brand I have ever used. Contact me if you are serious about your health and concerned about the clients with chemical reactions that you don’t know why and or catering to those clients who understand the value of products and companies like NATULIQUE and asking for it.

I hope you join me in the movement towards sustainable beauty.”


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