She’s her own boss: The perks of being a self-employed stylist

No more inflexible working hours, no more chair rentals, no more imposed product lines: Many stylists have dreamed about being their own boss, but only a few really dare to take the risk. Carrie Hicks did - and it saved her career. Carrie has been a hairdresser for 16 years. When she was in training, very [...]

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20 years of NATULIQUE

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of NATULIQUE - yet another milestone for our global family! Join us on this nostalgic trip down memory lane as NATULIQUE co-founder Mette Lykkegaard looks back at NATULIQUE’s past 20 years and recalls some of the challenges and hard-earned successes. Great things come from [...]

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5 Shades of European Fall Pumpkins are lurking from the store shelves, trees are bedecked with yellow, orange and purple leaves and the golden October sun takes turns with rainy sweater weather: European fall is finally here! When nature’s colours are changing with the season, many salon clients are looking for a change of hair colour, [...]

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Maria Lindberg – ML Wigs

Maria betters the lives of her clients every day with her beautiful and natural wig creations! Her NATULIQUE-coloured wigs help to build up her clients’ self-esteem and identity of self and give them the confidence they need to enter new chapters in their lives. How did you, as a [...]

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A Victory for Transparency in the Professional Beauty Industry

California passes new bill for ingredient disclosure NATULIQUE’s California distributor Roya Adjory has been fighting for this for years: On September 18th, the government of the US state has finally signed AB 2775 - a bill that requires manufacturers of professional salon products to disclose ingredients directly on the [...]

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“Get control over your hold” – Your guide to hair styling excellence

"The bigger the hair, the harder they stare”. From molding pastes to sprays, NATULIQUE ’s styling options for good hold are endless. But what is the difference between these products? With this guide, we will give you the ultimate 101 on our hold defining styling products and explain everything you need to know about getting control over your [...]

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The ABC of hair consultation

“How can I make this individual client happy?” is a question asked by every hairdresser, every single day. The only way to find answers is an in-depth hair consultation - one of the most fundamental skills of the profession. In the busy salon-life theoretically learnt consultation principles might, however, fade into the background. NATULIQUE’s ABC of [...]

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Inspired by Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2019: The Latest Scandic Hair Trends

From boho fringes to cropped bobs, CPH Fashion Week Spring 2019 had it all! We guide you through 4 inspirational looks straight from the Danish fashion Mekka in Copenhagen and share some tips on how to achieve these looks in your salon. The centre-parted loose bun Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2019 was [...]

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Stop wasting, start donating

Why your salon should consider donating hair waste Food, water, energy...people around the world are becoming more and more conscious about wasting natural resources. Did you ever think about how this could include human hair, too? If we braid all the hair that is thrown out by salons worldwide, we could probably [...]

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