Balayage vs highlights, Ombré or babylights.. There are different trending colour techniques out there. And the different types of techniques can be confusing, especially for your clients! As a professional hairdresser you have probably had your share of conversations and questions regarding what balayage vs highlights is. And maybe you have asked yourself; which technique [...]

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Why Panthenol (Vitamin B5) is Good for Hair and Scalp

As a well-educated hairdresser you probably go through the ingredient list on products before using them on yourself and clients. Knowing the benefits of the ingredients and how they help your client’s hair has multiple benefits. It will not only fill you with confidence when working magic in your salon. It will also make you more secure [...]

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Safe Hair Colors After Cancer

Is it safe to color hair after cancer? Every day people are exposed to chemicals that are toxic to our system, and radiation that is connected to the risk of breast cancer. The beauty products we use on a daily basis expose us to that risk. The risk of becoming allergic or sick. Therefore, it is [...]

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Why You Need Keratin in Your Hair Products

As a hairdresser, you have probably seen hair in your salon that has been completely damaged and dried out by keratin straightening treatments. When you hear about the ingredient, these straightening treatments might be the first thing you think of. So, how can keratin be good for hair? Keratin as an ingredient in hair products is [...]

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PODCAST: Taking Risks and Trusting in Your Skills with Britt Reno

Join Britt Reno for a conversation of new starts. Moving from LA to Tennessee and starting building up a new business. Starting with a new brand, and just starting fresh. Epidsode 2 of the new NATULIQUE Tales Podcast In this episode of NATULIQUE Tales, Britt Reno from Kingsport, Tennessee talk about her journey as a hairdresser, [...]

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Why Hydrolyzed Silk Protein is Excellent for Your Hair

Every hairdresser knows it! The struggle of damaged hair and returning split ends... Countless of ingredients have shown to improve general hair health and one of them is silk. But what makes silk so special? And what makes it an essential ingredient in hair care products? Let's have a look! But wait.. Why do we [...]

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Is Cetearyl Alcohol bad for your hair?

As a health-conscious hairdresser, you have probably found yourself going through the ingredient list of products before using them on clients or yourself. If you have, you will have stumbled upon the ingredient Cetearyl Alcohol in some of our products. Alcohol in NATULIQUE hair products? But isn’t alcohol bad? Alcohol in skin and haircare products has a [...]

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