“I have never been happier to lose a client” – How Carrie helped her client finding his true self!

When Carrie came to work one day, she never expected that this would be one of the most lasting memories of her career. Carrie works as a mobile hairdresser in Bedfordshire, England. Listen to her story about a very precious client encounter. When I began working mobile, one of [...]

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Hello wedding season!

Art deco, Boho & a beautiful scenery: Weddings by Tania in the Blue Mountains When the wedding bells chime in the blue mountains, Tania has already been working for several hours. In the beautiful scenery of the dreamy mountain range, the stylist has found the job she loves: Styling brides [...]

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Hairdressing & Motherhood

SONIA AND RUBY ABOUT JOYS AND CHALLENGES OF A HAIRDRESSING MUM As a hairdresser you work when others don’t: Early mornings, late evenings, no free Saturdays - flexibility is key! With motherhood being a full-time-job in itself, combining the two can be stressful - but it also has its perks! NATULIQUE Master educator [...]

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Jessica – MyStory

Jessica is part of Claire Hair Boutique’s team in Mandurah, Western Australia and has been a hairdresser since she was 16. Six months into her first year of apprenticeship, she committed to the vegan lifestyle. Jessica told us about her motivation and challenges of being a vegan hairdresser and shares her secret tips for a healthy [...]

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Tracy Jane Melia

The Story of Tracy Jane Melia After 30 years in the business, Tracy Melia was close to giving up her passion of hairdressing due to severe health problems. Tracy told us about her educational journey and explains why it is beyond important to make next-generation hairdressers aware of the dangers of conventional hair colours. "I wish [...]

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N.J. Kim – MyStory

The first sign he noticed was a burning sensation in his hands. They were cracked and extremely dry. And then his nose began to run. N.J. Kim is a father, a husband, and a wonderfully gifted hairdresser. After having been exposed to chemicals daily, he noticed the negative effect of conventional hair colours to his health [...]

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Gemma Innes

The Story of Gemma Innes   Gemma Innes’ passion is a true inspiration to us all. She is the mother of three, an incredibly gifted hair artist and a woman with a mission. She is the proud founder of Ardor Organics in Perth, Australia, where she dedicates her skills to educate her clients in living a [...]

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Donnatella Alexander

The Story of Donnatella Alexander Donnatella Alexander is the proud owner of Tella to You Organic Hair Salon in Athens, Georgia. Opening the salon has been a dream of Donnatella's for a long time. As a colourist through several years, she saw the damage that traditional hair colour had on clients' hair and scalp plus the [...]

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NATULIQUE Hair Colour reviews: Rachel Walker, Chilli Couture

NATULIQUE Hair Colour reviews Rachel Walker is the proud Director of Chilli Couture - Pure Hair Indulgence in Perth, Australia. She has 27 years as Perth’s top award-winning colourist and stylist. Rachel has a passion for her clients, her industry and her salon; her commitment to its growth and success is stronger than ever. I opened [...]

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Natulique Hair Colour review: Anne Lederman, FB Salon

NATULIQUE Hair Colour review Today's MyStory is about truly inspiring Anne Lederman, the owner of FB Salon in South Melbourne, Australia.  Anne knows what struggle is, but still manages to value the important things in life. She is strongly committed to a healthy lifestyle and wants to pass this on to her clients with her choice of using non-toxic [...]

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