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The unrivalled quality of the NATULIQUE Professional and Certified Organic Hair Care products can only be attributed to the passion and dedication involved in creating hair care products that outperform even the most established brands in the professional hair care market. Of course, we, at NATULIQUE, cannot take all the credit as more than 97% organic/natural active ingredients in each product practically speak for themselves.

Our 360BIOCERT ORGANIC standard principal guidelines, which go above and beyond for organic-based cosmetic production, involve using materials and practices that enhance the ecological balance of natural systems and that integrate the parts of the farming system into an ecological whole. In order use the 360BIOCERT ORGANIC standard, products must, but not limited to, contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

All NATULIQUE 360BIOCERT ORGANIC products are produced in Denmark.

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Daily Hairwash

Everyday Hairwash

A mild and balanced shampoo that restore moisture to the hair and scalp.

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Hairwash for Coloured hair

Moisture Hairwash

Specially developed for the treatment of dry and chemically treated hair in order to restore and add moisture and nourishment.

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Volume Hairwash

Volume Hairwash

The ultimate health and nourishment for the hair. Contributing with a beautiful and natural looking full volume hair without leaving in appearing dry and boring.

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Vegan and Certified Organic Everyday Conditioner

Everyday Conditioner

An ultra gentle conditioner to nourish and feed your hair with certified organic ingredients, leaving it healthy, light and natural with no build-up or silicone residues.

Everyday Conditioner >

Vegan and Certified Organic Moisture Conditioner

Moisture Conditioner

The ultimate conditioner to soften, protect, hydrate and nourish dull, damaged and parched hair, with no hazardous chemicals. Great for shine, detangling and easy maintenance.

Moisture Conditioner >

Volume Conditioner

Volume Conditioner

An advanced complex of Aloe Vera, Olive Fruit Oil, Glycerin and other beneficial ingredients helps to regenerate thinning hair and effectively boosts volume.

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Intensive Hair Mask

Intensive Hair Mask

NATULIQUE Deep Penetrating Intensive Hair Mask is an intensive treatment with highly beneficial active ingredients to ensure healthy and shiny hair.

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Exfoliative Scalp Therapy

Exfoliative Scalp Therapy

A new Certified Organic intensive scalp treatment, with vegan-friendly Urea to effectively soothe, heal and protect dry, irritated and sensitive, itchy, scalps.

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Hair Colour Treatment

Colour Shield Treatment

An intensive treatment specially developed for treating coloured hair, restoring the natural PH balance and helping the hair reach its full potential.

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Colour Shield Hairwash

Colour Shield Hair Wash

Specially developed for NATULIQUE coloured hair. The perfect post-colour shampoo, with Certified Organic colour-preserving ginkgo and dermo-purifying thyme.

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Nourishing Hair Cream NATULIQUE

Nourishing Hair Cream

Specially formulated with pure Argan Oil, Natural Silk Protein and Vitamin B5 to deeply nourish and protect the hair.

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Curl Defining Hair Cream NATULIQUE

Curl Defining Hair Cream

Specially developed to define and give curls optimal support, while lightly nourishing and providing optimal shine to their hair.

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Moroccan Argan Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and other vital nutrients. Softens and moisturises the hair, while helping to smooth split ends and frizz.

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Hair Growth

Hair Growth Serum

Clinically proven, ultra stimulating Hair Growth Solution that effectively stimulates hair follicles and prevents further hair loss.

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Hair Growth Shampoo

Hair Growth Shampoo

A certified organic shampoo to help prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth. It stimulates the hair follicles while increasing the thickness of the hair.

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Hair Growth Conditioner

Hair Growth Conditioner

A Certified Organic Conditioner with Aloe Vera, Almond Oil and Olive Fruit Extract to help prevent hair loss and stimulate natural hair regrowth.

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