The fastest way for your clients to dry out their hair is daily exposure to the curling wand, the blow dryer or the flat iron! Even worse is: Coloured hair regularly exposed to heat will fade much faster if not taken care of!

So, if your clients are obsessed with these heat tools, it’s a must to introduce them to some proper hair heat protection. While the Heat & Sun Protector is designed specifically to shield your client’s strands from all types of heat damage, we also incorporated some built-in heat and sun protection in a few of our other styling products.

Not only do they protect against heat damage, but they also provide excellent deference against dryness, brittleness, dullness and breakage. And of course, protects from colour fading.

Therefore, we always recommend that you equip your clients with some heat-protecting styling products, so they can confidently enjoy freshly straightened, s-curved curled or a shiny blowout without harming their hair strands or their colour.

Think of these products as sunscreen for your client’s hair: An essential step in the protection of the hair to ensure its elasticity, softness, shine and health. And just like sunscreen, you can easily layer any of these with the other, or combine them with any of your favourite NATULIQUE styling products.

Heat Protection

The holy-grail of heat protection. An essential spray that no salon client should go home without!

On top of its incredible heat and sun protection, it is composed with vitamin-rich goji berries, conditioning jasmine flower extract, mineral-rich caster oil and protein-rich hydrolysed wheat protein.

The absolutely #1 NATULIQUE bestseller, this nourishing hair cream is specially formulated with pure argan oil, natural silk protein and vitamin B5 to deeply nourish and protect the hair.

Heat and sun protection is only an added bonus with the NATULIQUE Moroccan Argan Oil. It is rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other vital nutrients. The argan oil softens and moisturises the hair, while helping to smooth split ends and frizz.