NATULIQUE ConceptSignatureFull ServiceOne-stop Salon

Are you curious what it looks like when salons go 100% NATULIQUE exclusively?

We admit it.

We started out small.

In 1998, when NATULIQUE born, we had only 3 shampoos, but since then we have grown and for the last 10 years, we have been proud to call NATULIQUE a full-service salon solution.

With NATULIQUE in your salon, you can cover all the needs of your clients, from colour to retail while keeping it clean, sustainable and most importantly: holistic! 🏅

What are the benefits of becoming a NATULIQUE concept salon?

We believe, totally unbiased, that there are a lot of benefits in being a NATULIQUE concept salon.

A clear message

It can be difficult to promote healthy and sustainable values when using an ammonia-based hair colour alongside NATULIQUE in your salon. This can be very confusing and untrustworthy to your clients. As a NATULIQUE concept salon, you can represent one brand and deliver a clear message of what you stand for.

No product clutter

We pride ourselves on creating products that truly make sense. We do not create new products if it will not make sense. Therefore, you can offer your clients versatile products without overexposure which will make their decision easier.

A more holistic approach

By offering NATULIQUE as a full service you can guarantee your work. NATULIQUE retail is designed to work in unison with the NATULIQUE Natural Colour range and vice versa. This way, you know that a beautiful toned blonde will remain ashy and non-brassy because the client is taking care of their hair with the possbily best restail in the world.

One day?
… or day one?

Colour, care, styling! Bring it all in. As a concept salon, you will receive exceptional education and support while also getting in-depth sales training. But most importantly, you’ll be part of a family of hairdressers that has a shared vision of green and sustainable hairdressing 💕

Are you interested in becoming a NATULIQUE concept salon?

Get started!