The new standard for sustainable hairdressers

What is Earth Salon?

The creation of salons that represent a way of life or thinking that pertains to possible solutions to the challenges faced in the World today.

The NATULIQUE Earth Salons have made a pledge to focus on sustainable development and environmental improvement. This is done by making conscious choices and following the Earth Salon Criteria on an everyday basis in the salon – for the sake of employees, clients and the Planet.

Mission Statement

Conscious creation of responsible, ethical and sustainable salon products, services and practices while being mindful of their impact on our present and future World environment.

Earth Salon Criteria

Earth Salon Criteria

What to expect from an Earth Salon

Energy consumption

  • Must use energy-saving light bulbs

  • Must reduce the use of lights: Ask employees to turn off lights in staff/break rooms, storage rooms and vacant treatment rooms

  • In break rooms and storage rooms, fixtures that are activated by a motion detector must be considered

  • Must only use the washing machine when full and only use the dryer when it is necessary

  • Must choose eco-friendly appliances: When purchasing appliances, make sure you choose the ones with good energy ratings. Whether it is an air conditioner, dryer, washing machine, refrigerator or television

  • Must use electricity wisely, finding any way to use less of it: Turn off all curling irons, flat irons, hood dryers and lights when they are not being used

  • Consider asking your energy provider to conduct an energy audit of your salon and provide you with specific suggestions to conserve energy

  • Consider using ceiling fans instead of air conditioning
  • Consider investing in solar panels




Reduce water

  • Must keep the water tap closed to save water while massaging in colour, shampoo or conditioner

  • Must consider only shampooing the hair once, if it does the job

  • Must install a flow reducer on you taps (eco-heads)

  • Must fix all leaking pipes and taps


  • Must equip your salon with recycling bins for paper, plastics, glass, hair-colouring tubes, foils etc.

  • Must educate your staff on the proper recycling practices

  • Must donate/give away whatever you no longer need, instead of throwing it away


Paper use

  • Must cut down on the use of paper by identifying and eliminating all unnecessary forms

  • Must double side or redesign necessary forms to use less space, or have forms on electronic media such as an iPad

  • Must offer to send receipts online to clients instead of printing them out

  • Must consider transferring to a cloud based software, reducing the need for large computer systems and switching to a laptop

Sustainable decorating

  • Must use as many recycled or repurposed materials as possible for furniture and decor, especially if you can support local companies

  • Must use green plants that can help reduce the carbon dioxide emissions

  • Must avoid all materials made from animals

(Re)valuated offers

  • Must not offer plastic water bottles

  • Must use mugs and avoid single-use cups

  • Must offer local goods as much as possible

  • Must consider only offering organic refreshments

  • Must consider not offering imported items (e.g. carbonated water from Italy)


In general

  • All products used in the salon must be from NATULIQUE (NATULIQUE exclusivity)

  • Cleaning of the salon must be done using non-harmful cleaning agents

  • The daily manager must have knowledge of chemistry and health. The general staff must have received information and education related to the subject

  • The salon owner and staff must be professionally trained and have obtained a nationally recognizable hairdresser training
  • Must consider only buying things that last: One of the simplest ways to reduce waste is by buying items for your salon that are designed well and built to last

  • Must consider sustainable alternatives: Consider changing towels, gloves, bowels, brushes, cleaning supplies, toilet paper etc. for greener alternatives (only when supplies have been used/when buying new stuff)

Why should you visit an Earth Salon?

  • By supporting an Earth salon you are contributing to an ethical business which is better for the environment with lower carbon emissions compared to other salons

  • You will experience a more pleasant salon environment due to the non toxic nature of the products

  • The minimising or complete removal of harmful ingredients is better for you and your wellbeing
  • Earth Salon guarantees clear information on the corporate social responsibility and the certifications we use to ensure that you receive the best possible products

Why is this beneficial for salons?

  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental improvement
  • Healthier and safer work environment with no exposure to harmful chemicals

  • Happier clients

  • Animal welfare advocacy
  • Cheaper bills

Is your salon a future Earth Salon?

That’s awesome! If you believe your salon can live up to the above criteria we would love to talk Earth Salon opportunities with you!

Single chair salon or mobile hairdresser?

No worries – that’s cool. You have an opportunity to be a first-mover on our newest concept: The Earth Stylist. Reach out to us today and we’ll love to tell you all about it!

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