Since last time, we have had the honour of interviewing the talented Karolina, who also goes under the name EcoHairbyK, about why she only uses organic products as a hairdresser. Karolina has been with NATULIQUE for quite a while and we have loved watching her grow together with us. Karolina is one of our most talented artists, she doesn’t own her own salon but has her own chair in a salon in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here is Karolina’s story:

“Well, why should I use toxic ones?

When using organic products I don’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals that would be surrounding me and my client, nor do I have to worry about it slowing me down.

Personally, I need to know the colour system I use from inside-out, otherwise, I would not use it. More importantly – I need to trust it! Otherwise, I would not be able to push myself out of my comfort zone to become an even better and skilled hair artist. I think we all have experienced that feeling of being scared of the unknown. I think it is in our nature to want to stay within our comfort limit, but that is just not possible for a hairdresser. My clients depend on my knowledge and they expect perfection every time. So whether I am doing a basic root-coverage or multiple high fashion-pastels – I have provided my clients with the best service and products available; with organic and eco-friendly products none of us are forced to choose between our own health and the result – it is a win-win.

I find that there are a lot of myths dwelling around about eco-friendly haircare and how it performs, which basically all have the same punchline – “It doesn’t work”. I think it’s very unfortunate that these myths still exists and are kept alive. I mean they started in the late 80’s, a time where we didn’t have the same scientific understanding of organic products and ecology as we do today.

For the last six years, I have used NATULIQUE and I have grown into a colour enthusiast. I have watched NATULIQUE grow by my side and with the opportunity that Social Media provide today, I find it easy to ask questions, share formulas and learn from other NATULIQUE family members, which is so valuable for me as a hairdresser – I learn something new all the time.

I think everyone should embrace the new and more eco-friendly world of beauty, I mean when you no longer have to choose between your own health and well-being and the result – so why would you chose anything else!”

Karolina, @ecohairbyk

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