The Story of Gemma Innes


Gemma Innes’ passion is a true inspiration to us all. She is the mother of three, an incredibly gifted hair artist and a woman with a mission. She is the proud founder of Ardor Organics in Perth, Australia, where she dedicates her skills to educate her clients in living a lower toxic life. Gemma’s knowledge within organic products is outstanding. Read her story:

“In 2011, I had my first son, and I believe this was the moment something changed in me. I wanted to find safer options for my family. After years of suffering from many health problems such as migraines, asthma, hormone issues and eczema I started to look into the chemicals in the products I used, and I was blown away by what I was allowing in my home.

“After taking a break from hairdressing to spend time with my children, I found that a very irritating cough I used to have disappeared.”

But it was not only in my home I noticed the effect of chemicals. After taking a break from hairdressing to spend time with my children, I found that a very irritating cough I used to have disappeared. I also noticed after getting my hair done, I would end up with a massive headache and an extremely irritated scalp. It was evident to me that I no longer wanted to put such toxic chemicals on my scalp or be around it, breathing in chemicals all the time.

Therefore, I decided to open my own lowtox home Eco-salon. I wanted to make a difference. The name of my salon is ‘Ardor’, as the meaning of the word is all about having great passion and devotion for something. I thought it went perfect with my business, as I am truly passionate about providing safer products for my clients. The salon is based around stocking the lowest toxic hair and body products, and essential oils. And at the same time using recyclables and no plastic whenever possible. It is my experience that in a highly “greenwashed” world it can get very confusing as to where to start. Therefore, I also run workshops and mentor a lot of my clients on what is safe and what is not. I love to help educate people to start their own journeys into living a lower toxic life.

When I first opened Ardor Organics, I spent months trying to find safer products, as I was not willing to make any compromises. It is vital to me that the products I use in my salon are safe and healthy. And I almost gave up hope, but then I came across NATULIQUE. I have been hairdressing for 15 years and have worked with many different hair colours. I was thrilled when I looked over the ingredients list of NATULIQUE to actually find a product that had fewer chemicals than any other product I have experienced. Also, I was seriously impressed when I used NATULIQUE for the first time. Not only is it low-tox, it delivers amazing results. The hair is left shiny and healthy.

The majority of my clients are health conscious and has started coming to see me due to the fact that Ardor Organics is a low-tox salon. A lot of my clients had experienced headaches when getting their hair coloured. This is just not the case with NATULIQUE. No unpleasant smells and no synthetic fragrances to cause those dreaded headaches. This is also speaking from my own experience. I no longer suffer from migraines or skin irritations.

I hope to inspire other hairdressers in making the change to NATULIQUE, not only for their clients’ health but also for their own. I have seen so many improvements and achieved amazing results.”

We really admire Gemma’s obvious passion for helping others in making the organic and low-toxic choice, and we feel blessed to have such an educated and well-informed hairdresser in the NATULIQUE family. It is this kind of passion that drives the organic movement. If you like, join Gemma’s low-tox movement in her Facebook group.

… Take a look at some of Gemma’s beautiful hair art

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98 Pinegrove Drive
Perth, Western Australia
+61 407 649 525

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