Buy Only Genuine NATULIQUE Products

NATULIQUE’s unique quality products have caught the attention of counterfeiters worldwide. As we continue to grow successfully, the challenge of preventing fake NATULIQUE products to reach the market increases.

We, at NATULIQUE, love the thought that users all over the world are safe and grow with our products. However, the downside to the success of our products is that we are increasingly being copied and consumers are fooled to buy false products.

It’s about safety

We deal with counterfeit and false products every day.

Testing and analysis of fake NATULIQUE products demonstrates that copies are of dangerously poor quality.

As a manufacturer of users’s products, NATULIQUE works hard to maintain the highest and most rigorous standards for safety, non-toxic materials, quality and workmanship.

Our concern is that the counterfeit industry doesn’t have sufficient focus on quality and safety standards. Copied NATULIQUE products may not be safe, even if they look and feel like the genuine thing. Only the genuine NATULIQUE product is guaranteed compliant with the strict Danish and international regulatory requirements.

It’s illegal

As many other well-known brands we have recognized that we need to protect our users and the integrity of our brand by rigorously combating the copy business. We consistently go after counterfeiters to stop their products.

Copying products is illegal; and it hurts both customers and our business. NATULIQUE allocates huge resources every year towards the fight against counterfeiting.

You can help

NATULIQUE is known for the superior product quality and unique design, always in the best interest of the user. Our mission is to make products that supports you in the long term and to keep our users safe from harm.

If you think you have discovered false NATULIQUE products, we would very much appreciate you telling us by sending an email to

By fighting false products we keep our users safe and can focus on launching more safe products to the benefit of all


Your best protection against counterfeit products is to purchase only from Authorized NATULIQUE retailers.
Our warranty registration serves as your guarantee.