Last updated: Friday, June 14, 2019

“The bigger the hair, the harder they stare”.

From molding pastes to sprays, NATULIQUE ’s hair styling options for good hold are endless.

But what is the difference between these products? With this guide, we will give you the ultimate 101 on our hair hold defining styling products and explain everything you need to know about getting control over your client’s hold.

Natulique Hair Wax

Extreme Hold Hairwax

Want excellent and strong control over your client’s hair?

Our Extreme Hold Hairwax and short hair is a match made in heaven! This product is a must for creating stylings for every woman or man with short hair.

With a selection of Certified Organic ingredients and natural beeswax, this weatherproof formula ensures an ultra firm hold that lasts all day – perfect for a windy autumn day.

Medium Hold Hairwax

Are you loving the hairwax, but want a little more movement? The answer is Medium Hold Hairwax.

Apart from being easy to use, it contours and controls the natural texture of all hair types while with added Certified Organic ingredients it protects the hair and give a beautiful, healthy look.

The Medium Hold Hairwax is perfect if you’re in need of a firm hairwax that works all day.

Medium Hold Hair Spray

NATULIQUE’s Medium Hold Hair Spray is perfectly suitable for everyday use.

It keeps the hairstyle in shape while moisturizing and ensuring shiny and healthy looking hair with lots of bounce.

Additionally, the Medium Hold Hair Spray is perfect for maintaining and creating the hairstyle of your choice without weighing the hair down – easy, breezy, beautiful.

If you are looking for something with a stronger hold, we got your back – just keep on reading!

Natulique Medium hold hair spray
Natulique molding paste product

Defining Hold Molding Paste

Our Defining Hold Molding Paste is perfect for short or medium length hair. It adds body to the hair while thickening the individual hair strands for a fuller, healthier look.

Just like the hairwaxes – Natulique molding paste keeps the hair in place but offers a bit more versatility.

With the Defining Hold Molding Paste, you are able to create one style in the morning and rework your hair into another style later that day, whereas hairwax is for keeping a single style in place all day.

Flexible Hold Styling Gel

The hair gel has been an essential and a favoured hair styling go-to product for many years – no wonder!

It is compatible with all hair types, including curly, wavy, coloured, frizzy and relaxed hair.

Whereas the Defining Hold Molding Paste offers a matte finish, the Flexible Hold Styling Gel provides lots of shine without stiffness or stickiness.

Natulique Styling Gel
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