As a salon owner, your salon is your baby! It is a way to express your skills and creativity and should reflect what you stand for as a hairdresser. But creating a functional and simultaneously attractive salon is not always easy! In other words, your hair salon decor is essential!

You want to express your salon identity through the hair salon decor. Your customers should feel what you and your craft is about the moment they step into your space.

In this blog, we reveal some simple hair salon decoration ideas that you can use in your salon!

Why is Your Hair Salon Decor so Important?

When it comes to salon design, every detail should be considered as a part of your clients’ memorable experience! Understanding your brand and clientele is the key to making your customer feel welcome from the moment they walk through your door.

It is very important to have a coherent and representative salon design so you can attract the right clients. But how can you achieve this?

Start by thinking about who your clients are and what you stand for. As you are part of the NATULIQUE family, using natural, low-tox products is already your unique selling point. Present this in a way that will attract like-minded customers for the best experience in your salon.

TIP: Do this exercise – think of 5 keywords describing your business and client and write them down!

Hair Salon Colours

Once you have locked down your ideal customer and brand personality, it is time to think of the colours that will match them best.

For example, if you described your brand as a light and natural experience, you have probably already chosen soft, pastel colours like beige or lavender for your salon decor.

Or, if your brand is all about strength and luxury, you have avoided the light shades in your salon interior and instead have chosen more intense colours like metallics or dark, icy blues.

To add to your design, think about an accent colour – it will help you choose what to buy when decorating your salon.

You can get towels, candles, coffee mugs, or even personalise your tools in your accent colours.

A unique colour scheme will make your salon visually memorable, and accent colour will make small decor items pop!

If you are in doubt what colour will go well with your existing palette, take a look at our favourite (and totally free!) online tool for selecting the perfect colours for your salon – Coolors!

#1 Make Room for Hygge

Most likely, your salon is the place where you spend most of your time outside your home. The right salon decorations and accessories will help you turn this place into your second home. Our Danish secret to happy living is Hygge – the state of comfort, cosiness and well-being.

We believe that by using this approach to decorate your salon space, you will naturally achieve a warm, inviting atmosphere for you and your clients. This way of living is so ingrained in how we do things at NATULIQUE that we even named one of our products after it.

Most importantly, be careful not to clutter the space when decorating! Do it tastefully, and your clients will love spending time in your salon as much as you do.

Hygge is all about coziness and comfortable conviviality. Here are a few tips for decorating your salon with Hygge from head to toe:

Bring in Natural Elements

Achieve/recreate more hygge in your salon space by bringing in more plants or simple wood furnishing. Plants can help you get a fresh and natural, yet sophisticated look. It goes great with the organic and natural approach that you present with NATULIQUE. Also, flora is a great way to keep your salon fresh and counteract any hairdressing related air pollution.

Consider having 1 or 2 big plants like our favourite fiddle leaf fig, a few small pots and fresh bouquets in your reception area. Choosing seasonal flowers for your coffee table will add variety and keep your salon’s feel up to date with the current trends.

Another creative way to use plants is by hanging them from the ceiling. It will give you more floor space and add to your hair salon wall decor as well!

Hair Salon Natural Decor

Waiting Time Experience

It is always great for your clients when they have something to do while waiting for their appointment, which will optimize their experience in your salon. As an eco-friendly hair salon, you can create an enjoyable waiting experience that is both hygge and helps better environment.

For example, you can get reusable mugs made of ceramic or glass. Should your customers need straws, offer reusable stainless steel ones or eco-friendlier versions made from paper or bamboo. They are affordable, easy to find, and will match your salon personality.

You can pair that with organic tea or coffee, maybe even some homemade biscuits and a nice warm blanket. This will make your salon feel especially homey and turn appointments at the salon to cozy little getaways.

To achieve the maximum level of hygge for your costumers, add soft textures. Fill your waiting area with comfort and personality by adding soft pillows, maybe a cozy blanket and a soft rug. These can turn even a boring couch into a relaxing and comfortable space for your costumers to wait for their treatment.

To get your salon to really scream hygge you can play some relaxing music for your costumers. Choose slow, soothing tunes or simply calming background sounds, that will have a de-stressing effect on both your and your costumers bodies and minds.

Hair Salon Decor Idea: Selfie Corner

You want to make your salon more instagrammable? Think about creating a selfie corner! A very aesthetically pleasing and inviting spot for your clients to take before and after pictures of your work and post them on social media.

This encourages your clients to act as ambassadors to your salon! If you have space for it, put some funky piece of furniture in one corner to create a fun and beautiful spot that begs for selfies to be taken and shared on Instagram! Or, choose a small wall in your salon and add a creative and fun wallpaper with your accent colour.

Your clients can take their selfies after getting their hair done while you will have a corner for your before and after pictures.

A little tip: if possible, get your salon’s name or logo represented in the selfie corner for best brand representation! Want to read more on how to perfect the before and after pictures? Check out our hairdresser’s Instagram Guide!

#2 Don’t Forget About the Lights and Mirrors

Salon Mirror
Salon Mirror

Lights are sooo important! They can make or break your salon interior and have a big impact on both yours and your clients’ experience at your hair salon. Think about a time you were in a dressing room and the light was so unflattering it turned you off whatever piece of clothing you were trying. It’s the same principle here!

Avoid too harsh or cold lights as this can make your salon feel very clinical and impersonal. Again, functionality and comfort need to go hand in hand, so although warm lights are very cosy and inviting, it needs to be bright enough for you to do your work without hassle. We suggest looking for bulbs that translate to more natural, daylight white. That would be the ones in the middle range of the Kelvin scale (think in the realm of 4,600-6,500) with a Colour Rendering Index of 95.

Also, the right lights need to match the salon decor and tie into the overall feel. When choosing your salon lighting, make sure that they complement your salon decor – consider the materials, and the placement too.

There is no hair salon decor without… Mirrors! Aside from allowing your client to be a part of the hairdressing process, mirrors also play a great role in enlarging spaces. Use them strategically, especially if working with small spaces! 

Large, round mirrors can make a small space seem bigger and are a very stylish choice. Rectangular, floor length mirrors are a great way to maximise tight spaces. Place one in front of a piece of furniture – for example the clients’ chairs – with the same dimensions.

The mirror will immediately make the furniture composition seem purposeful, stylish and prominent! Use LED strips or artistic bulbs to create a light source behind mirrors. This will maximise the lights’ reach, put your clients in the spotlight and give them that glamorous feel! Any mirror placed in the right spot will enhance the natural light and illuminate your client’s hair from all angles. Try placing a mirror across from or next to a window to create the sensation of more natural light and see how it changes your salon’s feel!

To create more cosiness or hygge in your lighting add candles in your salon décor. Choose white or natural colours and maybe with light, pleasant scents to make your costumers feel positively relaxed.

Salon Lighting

#3 What is on Your Shelves and in Your Hands

Salon Decor

As an eco-friendly salon owner, you know that simply saying you are one won’t cut it. To provide an experience in line with your low-tox, sustainable approach for your clients, consider not only the products you provide but also the tools and accessories you use. You want to make sure your clients perceive your hair salon’s identity as authentic and wholesome? Everything in your salon from the furniture to products should align with that identity!

TIP: There are a lot of brands producing high-quality professional in-salon tools like hair brushes made from sustainable materials, so look around your city!

The products you use obviously play a huge role in your clients’ perception of your salon and craft. To complete its look, you should try to showcase the products as upfront as possible! Having the right products is only half the objective here. Make sure that you display them in a way that immediately draws attention to not only the products but also their characteristics. For example, by placing some plants, natural ingredients or NATULIQUE leaflets next to them.

When it comes to products, the inside is as important as the outside. Ideally, the packaging will be recyclable and the products produced with natural ingredients, sustainably and cruelty-free! This is something you want your clients to notice and be able to explore as soon as they enter your salon.

TIP: Put some strategic lighting behind the products to get that spotlight look!

We are proud to say that we have been empowering hair artists to implement sustainability in their craft for more than 20 years with our wholesome hair care systems! If you are looking for a new, sustainable, and low-tox alternative that will abundantly satisfy the needs of your clients.  

– Join the NATULIQUE Family and help us give hairdressing a new green look! 

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