Countries around the World are alerted by the spread of the Coronavirus and we should all take precautions.

As salon professionals it is important to take all possible steps to make sure you and your clients stay safe and healthy – even when being in close proximity to each other.

In the coming time you might experience appointments being cancelled, sales going down and potentially being forced to temporarily close down your salon due to social distancing.

But fear not, we are here to help you get through the times ahead with 10 tips on what you can do as a salon professional.

#1 Sell your retail online

Online retail is extremely popular and it is the absolute best way of generating revenue without coming face-to-face with your clients.

Consider doing package deals and have the products shipped to their home or – if your location allows – offer to deliver products to their front door. You might also consider having your clients pick up their retail in the salon without any interaction.

#2 Offer gift cards

Some clients might prefer to stay at home for a while but you can still keep them in the loop by asking them to buy gift cards for a later point in time. By doing this, your clients will be able to help you cover your expenses and also have something to look forward to. Just make sure they know of this option and how they would be helping you out.

#3 Incorporate the 1-to-1 principle

Take precautions and only have one client for each professional in the salon at the same time. By doing this, you will minimize the number of people gathered and thereby be lowering the risk of your clients and staff members coming into contact with the virus.

#4 Up the hygiene in your salon and at home

Preventing the virus from spreading is key and as a trained professional you know all about keeping your work environment clean.

Make sure you have disinfection agents at hand at all times to wipe down door handles, surfaces, tools, mirrors, hairdryers etc. after every single client. Be extra careful to change towels, use paper towels in the bathroom and do not serve drinks or snacks to clients unless absolutely necessary. Schedule more time than usual in between clients for extra cleaning.

#5 Protect your team and clients

Limit human contact by asking people not to hug or shake hands – and offer everyone who comes into the salon to use a hand-sanitizer when they enter. Ask your clients and staff members if they are feeling healthy and send home anyone with symptoms such as fever and coughing.

#6 Deal properly with cancellations

Cancellations frequently happen in the salon industry. When your clients contact you, tell them that their health and happiness is your number one priority and that you fully understand and accept their decision. Offer to reschedule the appointment to a later point in time and let them know that you can supply them with retail products and gift cards instead. Give your clients the opportunity to cancel appointments without fees and on short notice.

#7 Use social media

Keep in touch with your clients via social media and make them aware of what you are up to in the salon.

Give them frequent information on deals and new initiatives
– and keep them interested with tips on hairstyles, home-treatments and likewise.

The only limit is your own imagination!

#8 Communicate clearly

Keep your communication channels open – phone, website and social media – and let your clients know which specific measures you are taking to ensure their safety in the salon.

Let them know that it is okay to reschedule an appointment and make your clients feel supported.

#9 Think about the future

If you are experiencing a drop in the number of clients, make the extra time on your hands well spent.

Evaluate your salon concept, keep up with your accounting, boost your product knowledge, review training opportunities, check up on new trends and techniques and stay in touch with your clients via social media.

Having fewer clients does not mean that your business will be at a stand-still if you make sure to use the time wisely.

#10 Follow public health advise

Keep updated on any new information from your local government and health authority. Stick to the official instructions on frequent hand washing, sneezing into your elbow etc. and make hygiene a top priority in your salon and at home.