As a hairdresser and salon owner, there are quite a few things you can do to grow your customer segment. It’s all about how clients see you and remember your brand. In this Instagram Guide, we offer you some of the steps to master Instagram as a professional hairdresser.

We call it: The Hairdressers Instagram Guide.

Instagram is the perfect channel for building up your brand. Here, you can reach out to your clients with beautiful and inspiring pictures. It is a place for you to showcase what you do and create a portfolio of your abilities as a hair stylist, colourist and artist.

We have divided the Instagram guide into sections; so if you already started your Instagram journey, feel free to jump to the sections relevant to you!

Total read: 5-8 minutes.

Last updated: August 31, 2020

Step 1: Setting up your profile
Step 2: Generating Content
Step 3: Connecting with your Followers
Step 4: Hashtag and tagging your posts
Step 5: Get involved with Instagram Stories

Step 1: Setting up your profile

The first step of this Instagram Guide is to set up a good professional profile.

1.1 Naming your Profile

When setting up your profile, the first thing to consider is the name of your account. It is important to make it easy for your customer to find you. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about what your client might remember best from his/her visit at your salon.

Ideas for Instagram names could be:

Name it after your salon:
If you own or work in a big salon, your client will most likely search for your salon name to find you on Instagram.

Name it after yourself:
If you are a small or single chair salon, you are most likely more personal with your client. For that reason, they might search for your personal name. An idea for how to include your name could be “HairByYourName”

1.2 The Profile Picture

As you might know, a profile picture is very important on all social media. Whenever you post or comment on something, this little picture will follow you everywhere. Therefore, it has to be very recognisable and as simple as possible.

Does your salon, studio or business have a beautiful logo? Then use this logo on a solid background colour. This way, the customers will never doubt who you are and they will recognise your business when you comment on their posts. If your logo is wide, make sure to make a version that fits in a circle. If it’s possible, make sure to brand everything with your logo.

Image of you
Some hair artists such as mobile hairdressers’ business are very tied together with you as a stylist. In these cases, a profile picture of yourself will create positive connotations and your clients will be more keen on following you and your content since it is a personal level on top of the professional. Find a good image that is personal and where you are easily recognisable – maybe even one where you are holding scissors?

1.2 Write a good bio

As a part of this Instagram Guide, an accurate and appealing bio is important because it only takes a few seconds for users to form an impression of you and your brand.

You’ll want to show both personality and professional facts about your craft. A clever way of doing this is to write down keywords to give the user a quick overview of what you offer in your salon and which products you use. Start the statements on a new line for easy reading. Did you just start your NATULIQUE Natural Salon Journey? Add it to your bio!

Also, include your salon’s address and link to your website or Facebook page. To make the bio conspicuous, feel free to use emoticons. For instance, if you use organic products, you could add some leaves to your description?

BONUS: Convert your profile into a Business Account

You may have noticed that the @amandajane__salon above has two buttons saying “Call” and “Get Directions”. This is because it is a business profile. You can convert your account into a business account if you like, by going to setting and click “Switch To Business Profile”.

business account instagram

Why should you go for a business account? Compared to a personal account, the Instagram business account gives you more options, such as additional contact buttons on your bio, information about your followers, easy promotions and so on.

Step 2: Start putting up content

When you got the basics set, it’s time to share some awesome content to really engage with your customers. As a hairdresser and salon owner, you want to show some of your amazing skills and what is better than showing them with transformation pictures? Just remember to ask the clients for permission.

Take a look at the advice we’ve collected on how to capture your amazing work:

2.1 Set up your Phone

Let’s start with the basics: Today’s smartphones are capable of taking amazing photos. Get to know the settings of your phone to prepare ideal conditions!

Exposure and Focus

When you take photos of hair, it is important that you have the hair in focus and not whatever is in the background. You can change the focus by tapping on the screen when you want to take the photo. Tapping the hair will make the phone focus on the hair.

TIP: On an iPhone, you can tap and hold on the hair and it will ‘lock’ to hair. Now you can turn the exposure up and down to make the results look just as vibrant as it is in real life.

Turn off HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is hard to get right and will often make your picture look unnatural and overdone. Essentially, the function takes many different exposures of the same photo and puts them together in one photo so you have tons of details. Keep it simple! Less is more when it comes to taking good Instagram photos.

2.2 Take perfect before and after pictures for Instagram

Before and after pictures are very many things. Here are a few tips for you to perfect your before and after!

First and foremost: REMEMBER to take before photos. This is vital to your before and after. Showing an actual transformation is your bread and butter to showcase your skills as an artist.

The first thing to consider is the framing – right before you take the ‘before’ photo. Are you going to do a two-photo before and after? Then it is a good idea to use the same framing, lighting and angle for both the before and after.

Get closer – NEVER ZOOM!

Close-ups are better than zooming in afterwards. Make sure the hair is the main focus and that you get as little surroundings on the picture as possible. Our eyes are drawn at close-ups – if the important part of the picture is blurry and far away it doesn’t cause us to stop, which we want. So get close to that vibrant shiny beautiful results you just created.

Get clients to smile

Everyone loves a smile. It just gives so much extra to the picture when someone is smiling. It also indicates that the client loves your job. So don’t be afraid of putting the face on display and not just the hair from behind.

Mind your background

If it’s possible, make sure that the background doesn’t take away the focus from the client on the picture. A messy background with a bunch of colours and stuff will make the main focus less prominent. A nice natural background is a good fit.

You can also play around with a textured background that is still in a natural shade, such as a brick wall or a wooden texture.

Get those angles

Take pictures from different angles, this gives you something to choose from afterwards. Avoid posting collages – they confuse the eye and make your profile outline look messy. Instagram allows you to post 10 photos at once – make use of that instead.

Lighting is key

Good lighting doesn’t have to be difficult, just keep in mind that everything looks better in bright light. If you have a bright salon with good lighting, you are already there. Otherwise, natural light outdoors is even better. Make sure the person you are taking pictures of is not backlit because this would make the picture dark.

A few tips:
– Use only one source of light (or at least on light temperature)
– Natural Lighting > Artificial Lighting
– Don’t take photos facing the source of light

Don’t go crazy on editing

Go for a natural look in your pictures without extreme colour or lightning filters. A natural look is more trustworthy to your clients. Remember to be authentic whenever you post something – it is about your integrity.

… And for your own good, avoid those filter traps!

Wow! With just one click, you can transform your blondes into those icy-silver blondes!
And you know your clients will love that!

BUT, that is not how the hair actually looks.
Keep your integrity and be transparent:
Do not add any filters!

Filters will only be doing yourself a huge disservice as you build expectations for your clients by not portraying reality.

Instead, find the perfect recipe to nail those silver-icy blondes from the get-go.

2.3 Be consistent

The overall appearance of your Instagram profile is the key to attracting new followers. Find your aesthetic and style and start building a distinguishable profile. Make your Instgaram page look like a wholesome consistent timeline of your work. A good idea is to settle on a colour palette you would like to use or a certain style of pictures. You can also make use of different frames and Instagram planning tools so you can see how the posts will look together in the future.

2.4 New products

Promoting new products at your salon to show clients that your salon is up to date with all the newest products. Make a caption with a description of what the product does and why they can’t live without them – and retailing is on.

2.5 Timely posts

Christmas, New Years, birthdays, Mother’s Day etc… Make a post! Holidays and other special occasions are a good excuse to make a post. Use a photo matching the day and write a short caption. For example that you still have some openings on Mother’s Day or wish your clients a Happy New Year.

2.6 Be creative

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Every post doesn’t have to be about hair. Feel free to post quotes or share something fun happening at work.

Brief glimpses of your personal life will work as well. These kinds of posts give customers something to relate to which makes them come back.

Once again, are you able to create something personal while creating recognisable content – then this will be valuable.

Step 3: Be personal with your followers

We all like to feel special. You’ll have to pass that feeling on to your current and future clients. Therefore, consider:

•  Replying to comments from followers

•  Asking questions to engage with people

•  Following back your clients and followers to show that you care about them

•  Tagging people on your posts and pictures. When you tag someone you spread the word of your brand and their followers might catch sight of you as well

But be careful not to overdo it. Know your clients. Will they react positively to you following them on their Instagram, or do they prefer a more professional relationship?

Step 4: Hashtag and tagging your posts

If content is king, then tagging and hashtagging is queen. This is your way of getting your content out there, and showcasing your art and work to people who may not know your talent yet.

4.1 Using Hashtags

Incorporate hashtags to categorise your content and make it easier for non-followers to discover you. Try to search for different kinds of hashtags and see if the content fits your salon – if it does you may use them on your own posts. Some of our favourite hashtags:


You may also include your location or the products used for the look. Pick out a bundle of hashtags and keep using them with a little variation once in a while. For example, picture with the NATULIQUE Certified Organic Hair Care line will go perfectly with the hashtag #OrganicHaircare.

Get Tagging!
You can tag by using this @ in your post description and stories, by using the product hashtag or by directly tagging on your photo. This will allow you to notify specific people or businesses in your images. Are you going to share your client’s hair? Why not ask if you can tag your client. This way he/she might share it with her/his friends as well and you will get even more buzz from this.

Also, always feel free to tag us – we love it when you tag us! @NATULIQUE away.

4.2 Localising Your Pictures

Is there a hashtag which is trending in your local community? Yes? Then use this. You want your content to get out to as many relevant people as possible, so use local hashtags. This may be something like the name of your town, or maybe the local soccer team? Be creative.

Also, do not forget to put in a location on any post – whether it’s the salon, the neighborhood or the city your salon is located in. When people click on the location, they will be able to also see your posts. It is a great way to get new clients in your area.

Step 5: Get involved with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories became increasingly popular to the extent that some users spend more time looking at them rather than scrolling through posts. These stories are a fairly fast way for you to engage your followers. But remember, a story is available for only 24 hours. Further, your stories can be bundled together into highlights that will remain longer than a day.

5.1 Update your clients 

Stories are a great way to keep your network updates. There is a special offer in the salon? Or you have something new going on? Stories are the best outlet for such small things. The result is often that you remind your clients to visit you soon.

5.2 Show behind the scenes

Everyone is curious to see how the magic happens. You can use the Instagram stories to show your followers funny moments from the workday or a detailed overview of the current hair transformations. The options are endless.

5.3 The solution to appointment cancellations

One of the most annoying thing in the hairdresser’s profession is late clients or cancellations. Stories can aid you in filling up the unexpected gaps. Whenever you get an empty appointment slot, you can post some time in advance that you have an extra time. That way the clients that tend to book last minute can come in with a short notice.

Want to learn more about Instagram Stories? Don’t miss our Hairdresser’s guide to Instagram Stories  – we cover everthing from tips for the pictures, creating your own salon hashtag and Instagram’s latest feature, IGTV!

NATULIQUE wishes you the best of luck on your Instagram journey.

Given Instagram’s visual nature and its potential to reach so many customers, it’s an ideal fit for hair salons. From trendy hairstyles to creative hair art, there are endless marketing possibilities on Instagram.

You can also gear your Instagram marketing to your local area by using hashtags to gain new business in addition to staying in front of your current customer base as well. Sometimes, a well-timed image of an ombre can be exactly what one of your customers needed to remind them to book an appointment.

Your salon should be showcasing the work that it is most proud of.

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