Hair volume is a must for a lot of people – and we certainly don’t blame them.

The look of bouncy, voluminous hair is unmatched.

Unfortunately, having natural volume in hair isn’t always the case (sad face). For instance, if your client’s hair is fine or thin, natural volume is (sadly) often nowhere to be found. 

Lucky for you – and your client! – volume can be created with just the right products. 

But how do volume products work? Can they really create volume? 

The short answer is yes –  our longer answer you’ll find in this blogpost (consider yourself encouraged to read it!).

How to add volume to hair

You have probably read encouraging product-descriptions about how great volume products are and how much they give hair volume. 

But have you ever read an explanation as to why they work? 

It is important to know how the products work – and why they work –  to convince your clients to buy your volume-giving products in your salon

In this blogpost, we will break down our best volumising hair products; 

💚Volume Hairwash

💚Volume Conditioner

💚Root Lifter Volume Tonic

💚Volume Shape Hair Mousse

So next time your clients ask about how to add volume to hair – you will know exactly which products to recommend, and you will also know why they work.

How do volume products work?

Raise a hand if you ever have had a client asking the following questions;

“How do I get volume in my hair?”

“Can I make flat hair voluminous?”

“Do volume products work?”

… and probably a lot more questions regarding how to get more volume in hair. 

To get volume, you need to use the best volumising hair products – but as a hairdresser you probably already know that. 

Volumising products does not just create volume because they have the noun volume in their product-name – it’s all about the ingredients

We know (trust us, we know) how confusing the jungle of ingredients, and their long, difficult-to-pronounce latin names (btw, what is up with that?), can be. 


Even so, it is important to know which ingredients to look for, if you want the best possible result when talking about creating volume to hair. 

Therefore, we have been digging into what ingredients to look for when you are searching for the best volumising hair products, and are here to share them with you!

(psst! All of the ingredients listed you can find in your NATULIQUE products).

Effective ingredients for creating hair volume

The better blend of ingredients, the more volume you will achieve.

Before we dive into our specific NATULIQUE volume products, let us introduce you to some of the best ingredients in our volume products, and why they work so well in adding volume to hair. 

Tip: when looking at the list of ingredients, it is not in chronological order, but listed from highest to lowest amount. 




This wonderful hygroscopic substance is something you want to look for in volumising products. 

Humectants are hydrophilic. Fancy words that means they are attracted to water molecules. They will draw moisture from anywhere and allow the hair to absorb moisture – and moisture can aid in boosting hair volume. 

This wonder-ingredient will also help make the hair more bouncy, because of the attraction to water (and who does not want bouncy hair?). It can either be sugar-based (e.g. glucose) or plant-based (e.g. vegetable protein).

The ingredient is also known as:






🍃Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (or even better known as: Keratin)

These NATULIQUE volume products contain humectants:

⭐️Root Lifter Volume Tonic

⭐️Volume Hairwash

⭐️Volume Conditioner 

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)


Panthenol (D-panthenol, pantothenol) is a provitamin of b5.

The ingredient bonds to the hair, making each hair strand stronger, softer and more persistent which results in more full-looking and movable hair (which is what we want to achieve, when talking about adding volume to hair).

Keeping the hair hydrated is an important factor in creating volume. With panthenol on the list of ingredients, you are secured on the hydration-part in creating volume.

Are you more interested in getting to know this super-ingredient? Then check out this blogpost where we go in-depth with the provitamin. 

These NATULIQUE volume products contain panthenol (vitamin b5):

⭐️Volume Shape Hair Mousse

⭐️Root Lifter Volume Tonic

⭐️Volume Hairwash

⭐️Volume Conditioner 

Look for scalp supporting ingredients

A healthy scalp equals more volume in hair.

Because full volume also means a scalp covered with hair fibers that grow to the desired length without breaking. 

If your client’s scalp is filled with product build-up, or if they have an oily scalp, chances are that the hair lays flat on the head. Not to mention some follicles being blocked from producing new luscious hair.

Therefore, it is a must to look for ingredients that are scalp supporting.

But what are scalp supporting ingredients? 

Scalp supporting ingredients are ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice (Aloe Barbadensis), rosemary extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract) and açai (Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract)

Not only does aloe vera leaf juice contribute to a healthier scalp, it also promotes hair growth. 

Rosemary extract strengthens blood circulation, and therefore contributes to a healthier scalp creating healthier, bouncier and more voluminous hair. 

Açai berry extract contains vitamin A and E, which keeps the roots strong and the scalp healthy, and also helps protect against environmental damage to your hair. 

These NATULIQUE volume products contain scalp supporting ingredients:

⭐️Root Lifter Volume Tonic

⭐️Volume Hairwash

⭐️Volume Conditioner 


Guide: how to create volume as a hairstylist

With some of the best ingredients for creating volume, let’s move on to some of the best volumising products, and how you can use them to create volume in hair.

At NATULIQUE, we know how challenging creating volume can be. Because of that, we created a list of products, especially designed to help you and your client maintain and create volume in hair.

Pssst: If you like a quick video rundown of the products, we asked Ruby Byrne of Salon Ruby B in London to give her insight on these 4 products.

Volume Hairwash

As we already mentioned, a healthy scalp is important.

If your client’s scalp is dry, itchy or has excessive build-up, it is going to be difficult to create volume. 

Therefore, we recommend using a hair wash suitable for creating volume and contributing to a healthier scalp. 

Our NATULIQUE Volume hairwash is a perfect candidate for that:

With ingredients like rosemary leaf extract and acai berry extract the hairwash will stimulate the hair roots, help soothe and heal an irritated scalp and also keep the roots strong and healthy.

It will detoxify and clarify the hair – and scalp! – giving it the best conditions for creating volume.

Our Volume hairwash also contains aloe vera leaf juice, which reduces buildup, promotes hair growth and conditions the hair.

And with a healthy scalp and strong roots, the first step in creating volume in hair is completed.

(Pro-Tip: The Volume Hairwash is a darling when it comes to detoxifying the hair and removing build-up. You can easily wash you clients hair more than once with the Volume Hairwash. We actually recommend repeating the wash until you see an even lather)

Volume Conditioner

Second step in how to create volume in hair is (you guessed it): conditioner. 

Conditioning the hair is just as important when it comes to creating volume in your client’s hair. 

Our NATULIQUE Volume Conditioner is packed with lots of great ingredients, such as aloe vera leaf juice and avena sativa (oat) kernel oil, that has moisturising, scalp soothing and healing properties.

Aloe vera leaf juice reduces itchiness, dandruff and scaliness. It stimulates and improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the hair follicle for optimal condition and nourishment.

We added rosemary extracts – one of the scalp supporting ingredients we mentioned earlier. 

With this volume conditioner, you and your client can moisturise, add shine and create volume without any silicones.

Our volume hairwash and volume conditioner is a great place to start, when you want to create volume in your client’s hair. The power-couple removes buildup, detoxifies, clarifies and nourishes the hair and scalp, giving it the best conditions for creating volume. 

But we know that sometimes a hairwash and conditioner simply isn’t enough. Therefore, we created some volumising styling products that you can use on your clients to add volume to their hair.

Root Lifter Volume Tonic

Get ready to defy gravity with this product! (your clients will love you for it).

This wonder-product instantly lifts hair, gives it tons of volume (YES), has amazing hold for hours and it is non-sticky (DOUBLE-YES).

But how….? 

Even though it sounds too good to be true, this product actually does all of the above.

Let us explain.

Remember the humectants we mentioned earlier? Yeah. Our Root Lifter Volume Tonic contains not only one, but six (!) humectants:

🍃 Glucose 

🍃 Propanediol

🍃 Maltose

🍃 Sucrose

🍃 Gluconolactone

🍃 Glycerin

If you just have a little knowledge about chemistry, you’ll know that most of the humectants listed above are sugar-based. And actually one of them is sugar (sucrose). 

Beside being super sweet, the many humectants also contribute to improve the look and feel of the hair strands, provide lightweight hydration and help the hair retain moisture, which aid in boosting hair volume. 

This product also contains acrylates (Acrylates/​C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer), that – besides having a weird and long name – lifts the hair away from the scalp, resulting in more overall hair volume. 

It contains bilberry fruit extract to boost the production of collagen in the hair, to help moisturise and prevent hair and scalp deterioration (and as you know, a healthy scalp means everything when you want to get volume in hair). 

For shine, we added olive leaf extract, that will add moisture and, of course, shine to your clients hair strands. 

Volume Shape Hair Mousse

To top it all off, we recommend using our NATULIQUE Volume Shape Hair Mousse.

This product will give hair volume and hold and enhance resilience and strength. 

It consists of the hold-factor-ingredient PVP (also known as polyvinylpyrrolidone), that gives the product an extra fixative power. 

volume for hair

We added hydrolyzed silk protein (curious about what silk does for the hair? No worries, we also made a write-up on this), that forms a crystalline protective barrier on the hair strands, improving elasticity and resiliency while increasing shine. 

In addition to adding tons of volume, this wonder-product also include an ingredient (or superhero, if you will), that has amazing hair-strengthening properties. If you are on the edge to know more about this superhero of an ingredient, fear no more; let us introduce you to hydrolized wheat protein. 

Just like the amazing bakery-bread, wheat protein is derived from gluten. And that’s about the only thing wheat protein has in common with the delicious taste of bread. Because, unlike wheat in bread, wheat protein in beauty products are often broken down into smaller proteins also known as hydrolized wheat protein.

But what does it do..?

This ingredient hydrates and strengthens the hair by locking in moisture. It will strengthen the hair shaft, making it a perfect ingredient for our volume shape hair mousse. 

It also prevents hair breakage and boosts shine, so there is no excuses for you and your client to use this wonder product. 

For the ultimate styling, use the volume mousse on your client’s hair from roots to end to give it extra volume and shine.

The best way to use the product is to apply it near the roots and throughout the length of the hair. This will add that long-awaited volume to the hair.

Volume tip

After washing your client’s hair in our volume hairwash and conditioner, spray the root lifter volume tonic directly on the roots, add the volume shape hair mousse and blow dry the hair upside down. This will add tons of volume and body to the hair, leaving your client happy.

Now you know everything you need about adding volume to hair – and you will also have great knowledge about effective ingredients and why volume products work. 

Because as you can see, volume products are a lot more than just their name. They are filled with a wonderful blend of active ingredients that not only creates volume, but also a healthier scalp and bouncier, shinier hair that will leave your client happy and the viewers gawking.