As many salons across the globe are preparing to re-open after COVID-19, there are a number of things to consider in order to make the work environment as safe as possible for staff and clients alike.

The current situation is making it more important than ever for salon professionals to be careful. While physical distancing is an important factor when it comes to contaminating the virus, it is possible to service clients safely by implementing new measures and making everyone’s health a top priority.

Our reasoning for writing this is solely the safety of the hairdressers and their clients. We want to, if not remove, then at least minimize the risk of our hairdressers re-opening and then becoming sick themselves! COVID-19 might have a second wave, and we must all take the measurements to avoid contracting the virus!

Key is to use common sense and as COVID-19 predominantly infects via 1) drop infects and 2) contact infects, simple actions should be observed and implemented as routines


Key is to use common sense and as COVID-19 predominantly infects via 1) drop infects and 2) contact infects, simple actions should be observed and implemented as routines.

Drop infects

Drop infects means small drops from the respiratory tract (the passage formed by the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs, through which air passes during breathing), spreading via coughing and sneezing where saliva and nasal mucus infected with virus is spread to the surroundings. As small drops from the respiratory tract will fall to the ground within a distance of 2 meters, the risk for this is reduced dramatically by having a physical distance of 1-2 meters or use protective gear such as masks or visor.

Needless to say: To not accept any clients with any sign of sickness. No matter if it a slight cold, cough or a runny nose. Have a zero-tolerance on this!

Contact infects

Contact infects is reduced dramatically by securing a high level of hand hygiene and a high level of hygiene, especially for surfaces touched by many people such as handles and tables.

General installations to be made

  • Make sure everyone entering the salon has immediate access to a hand sanitizer with a minimum of 70% alcohol – and ask everyone who comes through the door to use it.
  • Install acrylic screens in places where people are usually in close contact with each other. This goes for the counter area/service desk (hanging from the ceiling) and between neighbouring service chairs in the salon and other relevant spots.
  • Use visible distance markers on the floor to guide clients on where to queue and wait – remind people to follow the guidance.

  • Change the towels in the bathroom to paper towels – or make sure to change the towels several times daily.
  • Hang up visible materials with information about what is expected from the client in regards to distance, hygiene, how many people are allowed in the salon at the same time etc.
  • Consider expanding the opening hours and giving staff members the opportunity to not work simultaneously.
Hand Sanitizer

Change your routines

  • Only offer pre-booked services and no walk-ins to keep the number of people in the salon to a minimum – and ask your clients to come alone and not bring anyone with them to the appointment.
  • Ask anyone showing signs of illness – staff or clients – not to come in.
  • Allow more time than usual between each client to properly clean and disinfect surfaces, work stations, tools etc.
  • Make sure every staff member has their own tools as much as possible and be extra careful to clean shared tools after each use.
  • Only allow a predefined number of people – staff and clients combined – in the salon at the same time and post information about this on the entrance door to the salon. maximum 1 person per 4 square meter / 40 square feet
  • Clients should be shown to the relevant service chair without delay to keep the number of clients waiting at a minimum.
  • Remove any reading material, magazines, books, newspapers etc. from the salon.
  • Do not serve food or beverages to clients unless absolutely necessary.

How to disinfect hands

Daily hygiene safety measures

  • Clean all surfaces, especially handles, chairs, tables and payment terminals with hand sanitizer or a disinfectant agent before and after each client.
  • Disinfect all of your tools and equipment between each client.
  • Wear gloves and a visor / mask / facial protection during the workday.

  • Change the towels you use for service between every single client and wash them at very high degrees in order to kill germs.
Masks and visors hairdresser

Make sure to wear proper masks and visors. Making these yourself can be a risk!

At the end of visit

  • Retail products should be wiped with a one-time-use paper towel disinfectant.
  • Ask your clients not to pay using cash – you may inform them when booking the appointment that cash payments will not be possible.
  • Clients are to minimize the wait time in the salon after the service is done and final payment made.

We advise everyone to follow their local Government’s public health advice and guidance at all times. This list entails a mix of instructions that the Danish Government are requiring salon professionals to follow and NATULIQUE’s own specific suggestions and ideas for you to incorporate in your new daily salon routines.

Want to learn more?: We have made a NATULIQUE Virus Safe Certified Hair Salon course on our Head on over to the academy to learn more. If you do not yet have access, ask your local distributor or send us an email here to request.
Safe Hair Salon Re-open