As an environment consious salon, you might have started to wonder about new ways you can contribute to taking care of our Earth in the best possible ways.

Recycling is a great way to collect materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash, and turn them into new products.

In this blogpost, you can learn more about how to recycle the different kinds of waste in your salon!

When it comes to the salon industry, studies show that almost 400 million tons of waste are produced each year, out of which 150 million reaches our landfills.

Recycling seems to be the only effective solution in this case. But in order to do that, you need to be aware of the kind of recyclable waste produced by your salon.

In NATULIQUE’s home country, Denmark, cardboard, paper, glass, and food waste is sorted to get the most out of recycling. By following this lead, we have created this guide for effective recycling. Keep on reading, to learn how to create a recycling system in your own salon to improve your salon’s ecological footprint!

Organic Waste

Hairstyle shape drawings for donation and recycling

The salon industry has a lot of hair waste! Don’t forget that you can always make a donation to creating wigs, or even help to clean up the ocean from oil spills and pollution!

Some NGOs collect human hair to absorb the oil from oceans.
Human hair can also be successfully reused as compost – just like any other organic waste! So why not recycle it accordingly? Click here to learn more about hair waste.

After being disposed in a special bin, it can be redirected to the farms and be used to add nutrients to the soil.

Just place a compost bin especially for hair waste in your salon, and then take it to a recycling center near you that can recycle it for you.

Types of Waste that can be Recycled

Trash bins with sorted rubbish drawings

If you are used to mixing trash together in the same bin in your salon, now is the time to stop! It will end up reaching our landfills, our oceans and pollute the environment.

Instead, always try to have up to 2-3 separate recycle bins in your salon to sort the waste accordingly.

#1 Aluminium Foils, Cans and Tubes

One of the most common types of recyclable waste in the salon industry is aluminium.

Did you know that by not recycling the aluminium foils, you waste a 100% recyclable resource?

In Australia, for example, almost 1,500 tons of recyclable aluminium adds up to the landfills each year.

Such a pity, when you think that in just 60 days, all this aluminium waste can be fully recycled! Compared to plastic, which requires 30% energy use in the recycling process, aluminum takes only 5% of the energy needed for production.

Natulique pink recyclable tube product

When it comes to product packaging, beware that the colour tubes and other containers can be made of aluminium. So read the product’s label carefully before throwing it away.

If you’re using NATULIQUE’s Natural Hair Colours, keep in mind that the packaging is always fully recyclable. So always make sure you dispose the tubes correctly after creating the gorgeous hairdos!

#2 Plastic Waste

Recycling can be problematic for plastic because it can be easily contaminated and not be suitable for recycling.

Some packaging can still contain hazardous residue after use. So make sure the plastic is clean and have no odor before recycling.

At NATULIQUE, the PET plastic we use is environmental friendly and fully recyclable. So beware to dispose it correctly! From our nourishing Everyday and Moisturizing Hair Care families to our Colour Shield Family, you will be able to enjoy NATULIQUE’s hair care lines without worrying about the environment.

After using the very last drop of your favourite NATULIQUE product, make sure to remove the pumps and lids before throwing the bottles in the recycle bin. They can contain small metal springs that do not belong in the plastic bin.

#3 Recyclable Rock Paper

We hope that you are already using our Brochures and Retail Folders. Because there is no better way to educate your clients about NATULIQUE while they are waiting for their appointment in the salon. Did you know that our marketing material is printed on recyclable paper?

Natulique Technical manual on recyclable paper

Rock paper is made of limestone, and contains absolutely no wood fibre unlike traditional paper.

Not a single drop of water is used in its production process. Its binding agent contains zero hazardous chemicals, and emits only a very low percentage of CO2 when burned.

This paper is biodegradable and it can be recycled together with plastic. So, when you are done using them, you can place all the rock paper materials in the same recycling bin as your plastic waste.

#4  Hazardous Waste

As a part of NATULIQUE’s mission, we continuously strive to find the most efficient ways to reduce waste in our supply chain. For one, the aerosols we use for our spray products are not hazardous!

Non toxic salon drawing with in-salon risks

How is that even possible? Well, it’s all related to the propellants we use – or the so-called compressed “air” in the packaging that enables the spray effect.

We have replaced our propellants with a DME gas which is obtained through an environmental friendly program. This is a 100% sustainable resource which leaves 0% carbon footprints and uses 0% non-sustainable resources in the ground of Mother Earth.

So you can use your favourite Natural Styling spray product, with maximum efficacy without harming the environment!

You might wonder how you dispose of the spray cans after you finished using products such as NATULIQUE’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo or Volume Shape Hair Mousse?

Once they are completely empty, and contain no residue, remove the detachable plastic lids. Usually, these cans can be placed in the common bin for cans or tins. Just ask the hauler if they are accepted for recycling.

If they still contain any substance, the recipients should be separated from general waste and brought to the hazardous waste collection site.

All in all, it is important to bear in mind that recycling and reusing is essential to becomeing a greener salon.

There is no wonder why we should all become more conscious and include the recycling culture in our daily schedule – waste management has become the ultimate trend in the salon industry!

Do you want to do even more for the environment? Click here to learn more about how you can improve your salon’s ecological footprint or here to get to know how you can beat air pollution in your salon!

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