Oh my word! We cannot tell you how excited we are to this time be able to share the story of Lynell, owner of Hair and Soul Organics in Queensland Australia. I do not think Lynell needs too much of an introduction (we shared some of her gorgeous work below, too!), so without further ado here is her story:

“I have been in this ever-creative industry for nearly 20 years now and oh how the times have changed! Along the way, I have owned and operated a very successful Gold Ambassador Redken hair salon/day spa, which I won Business Achievement of the year in 2007. I have dabbled in many different colour companies in my career and established myself as an extremely confident and successful colourist in the industry. Unfortunately, in short, this toxic industry (mentally and physically), combining the constant day in day out use of chemically driven products led to a crash in my immune system. So severely that these health complications were the cause of nearly losing my life while I was 31 weeks pregnant with my second child.

I eventually held my head high and began a journey of self-healing and studied Nutritional Medicine.This knowledge left me curious and hungry for more information. It also left me craving the industry in which I slotted into so perfectly. But my question was how can I service my clients and myself and feel honest about what I am giving to them? This led me to find NATULIQUE. It honestly didn’t take much convincing to use NATULIQUE as my platform for amazing and artistic creations. The product spoke miles for me… Clean! And with a beautiful support team standing strongly behind the name, there has been no turning back.

I am now privileged enough to be educating the young, old and new salons who share this electric passion, hungry for not only my extensive knowledge on the technical side of this industry, but also on what it means to the environment, to our health, longevity, and our children to be involved in such a monumental movement!

As the saying goes, “Don’t give up your day job!”. And why would I?!”

Lynell Dumont,
Owner, Hair and Soul Organic

We cannot help share some of her amazing achievements

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Golden Four Drive
4221 Tugun


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