NATULIQUE is so much more than a brand. It is a family and a lifestyle. We would not be the same without all the amazing people around the world, who share a true dedication for a sustainable and greener future.

We have talked with Melissa Bosch, owner of the Laughing Crow Salon, about what really matters in her life and we just have to share her story with all of you. We can all learn something from Melissa’s story.

“My passion is people. All kinds of people!

When I discovered the art of hairdressing I was barely out of high school. It took me another 5 years to realize my passion was empowering people to feel good about themselves. I started out in California doing hair in the Capital, but quickly learned the traffic, the smells, and the pollution was not my friend. My family and I, therefore, decided to move to Oregon. We loved the fact that Oregon is placed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest surrounded by trees, clean air, and outdoor markets.

I opened up Laughing Crow Salon for two reasons: One, I wanted a quality place for up and coming stylists to learn and be supported in an environment that cultivates beauty and success. Two, the region did not have a salon that was completely organic and toxic free, which meant many clients were forced into toxic environments because it was the only option. Today, with the help of NATULIQUE and our other vendors, clients can enjoy any service without the toxic smells so many people have become accustomed. The Laughing Crow is an exclusive NATULIQUE salon since we feel that there is no reason to carry any other hair care line.

// Melissa Bosch
Business Owner, Laughing Crow Salon

Want to visit Laughing Crow Salon

Laughing Crow Salon
690 Van Buren St
Eugene, OR 97402
Or visit their Facebook page: Laughing Crow Salon

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