For the creative, the untamed, the experimental and the curious we have composed this blog of unconventional NATULIQUE product combinations and alternative uses, resulting in new, remixed and improved looks!

All products have one obvious use to reach a desired effect.

But did you know a lot of our products are very easily combinable and adaptable for alternate styles and purposes?

This is due to their organic, natural and super lightweight formulas that make mixing a lot easier. Keep reading to find out about all the things you didn’t know you needed in your hair care routine!


Natulique Argan Oil

Did you know that to improve overall health and additionally care for your clients’ hair you can add our Argan Oil to just about anything?

Because of its lightweight formula it effortlessly combines with not only our other care products, but even the colouring line. Our hair professional May from Thailand says she uses a few pumps in her Whitener when she is “(…) lifting a lot to add extra protection.”

This is also a pro tip for your clients to take home, as they can combine the oil with any product in their hair care routine. May also says that “many of (her) male clients also mix it with their waxes.

Even Lynell from Australia says: “I love mixing the molding paste with a drop of NATULIQUE Argan Oil. I apply it to short hair when wet and blow dry it in to get a really textured end result.”

Beach Wave Ocean Spray

Our Root Lifter is ideal for giving your roots a little boost and life.

But for an overall more voluminous look you can combine this product with our Beach Wave Ocean Spray. Master Educator Miluska Braat suggests using the Root Lifter on your client’s regrowth – wet or dry – and the Spray in the lengths for softer, natural looking volume and waves.

Miluska has also figured out the ideal combination of NATULIQUE products to achieve that summery ‘dirty’ beach look; First apply our Nourishing Cream, then some of the Beach Ocean Wave Spray and lastly the Dry Shampoo and Curl Defining Hair Cream to touch up and define the structure and single strands. All done!

REJUVINATING HAIR MIST NATULIQUE with orange, blueberries and coconut

For long days and longer nights when your clients don’t have time to properly wash their hair, you can suggest using our Rejuvenating Hair Mist as an alternative.

Hair professional Amber from the US says; ”When you want to style your hair without rewashing, use the NATULIQUE Rejuvenating Hair Mist all over the hair. Comb through and blow-dry for 5 minutes.

It instantly revives the hair for a refreshed style without the fuss!”


Curl styling by Natulique hairstylist Miluska Braat

For a quick men’s style many of our family members have suggested using the Hygge Hair Spray as main holding agent and touching it up with the Extreme Hold Wax for individual, stubborn strands.

Commonly this is done the other way around, but try using this pro tip on your clients the next time and see what they think.

Salon hair final styling with spray

Another way to style a very voluminous look is by combining our Dry Shampoo with the Hair Spray.

Use the Dry shampoo on the roots for a little lift and texture – check out our Dry Shampoo guide video for an application trick – and then apply the Hair Spray in the lengths and scrunch it into form. Voilà!

Natulique Ultra shine finisher

Our hair professional Ruby from England has an amazing tip for finishing any look with shine and keeping it in place for the rest of the day; “When blow-drying a style, dry the hair to damp from wet (with a hair dryer and towel).

Now, spray on NATULIQUE Ultra Shine Finisher before you start blow-drying with a brush.

When used on slightly damp hair and then dried into the hair, the Ultra Shine Finisher leaves the hair looking really glossy.

This is great for styles like waves and curls. Once styling is finished, you can finish off with the NATULIQUE Medium Hold Hairspray to keep it in place.

Normally, hair spray takes away shine, but because of the process we followed with the Ultra Shine Finisher, it will remain VERY shiny”


As far as technique and application go there isn’t much we can teach you.

However, your fellow hairdressers have developed and discovered little tricks and alternative uses for certain products that can certainly aid any styling process!

Context photo: Heat and Sun protector by Natulique

Did you know you can use NATULIQUE’s Volumizing Hair Mousse to shave (hair and beards) or use the product as a cutting lotion? Filip, NATULIQUE Educator of the Czech Republic, even uses the NATULIQUE Heat and Sun Protector as a cutting lotion to add some extra protection.

Natulique Anti Hair Loss Family with brushes

Another little secret we want to share with you is that you can use – and show your clients how to use – our Anti-Hair Loss Serum in combination with our NATULIQUE Hair Brush to obtain extra scalp stimulation.

This will not only make the application process more pleasant, but will also promote hair growth. Talk about two birds, one stone…

And last, but not least Danny, our head distributor from Australia, has some advice you can pass along to your clients for general Hair Spray usage; ”When it comes to the NATULIQUE Medium Hold Hairspray, your key is always layering. You can get such a long way by layering this hairspray – much more than a mere medium hold”

What do you think?