The first sign he noticed was a burning sensation in his hands. They were cracked and extremely dry. And then his nose began to run. N.J. Kim is a father, a husband, and a wonderfully gifted hairdresser. After having been exposed to chemicals daily, he noticed the negative effect of conventional hair colours to his health and surroundings. So he decided to start an organic salon in Kelowna in Canada, NJ’s Organic Hair Salon. Learn more about N.J.’s story, and get inspired by his passion.

What is your background?

I attended hair school in Korea and have been styling since 1999. I’ve had over 18 years of experience hairdressing, and managing salons and have been privileged to have worked as a hair educator throughout Seoul, Brisbane, Tokyo, and Beijing in high-end salons. I have now been styling hair in Canada for 7 years.

What is your passion?

I am super passionate about living an organic lifestyle. It’s not just the products I have in my salon, it’s also the way I eat and the way I clean my home. After being in the salon industry for so long I started experiencing serious skin and respiratory problems due to the toxic chemicals I was handling every day. I realized there had to be a better way to do what I loved without harming my health or the health of my clients. I made the switch to an organic lifestyle after meeting my girlfriend and starting a family with her. Her family taught me a lot about organic food and helped me find better alternatives to the chemical ridden products I had been accustomed to.

Describe the concept of your salon

My salon’s main focus is on being as organic and sustainable as possible. That’s why I named it, ‘NJ’s Organic Hair Salon’. I just want my salon to be a place where clients can find natural, organic products easily. I know first hand how confusing it can be to read a label and wonder what all the ingredients actually are, so having Certified Organic products has been a top priority for the salon. My salon is also a Certified Green Circle Salon so everything that is used is recycled. Even the hair clippings! They get made into hair booms that help clean up oil spills in the ocean.

What is your experience of starting up a new salon – the organic way?

At first, it was hard for me to find products to use and sell that were up to my standards. There are so many products out there that say they’re natural but actually contain petroleum-based ingredients since technically, petroleum comes from the earth. That’s why having products that are Certified Organic by third party certification organizations is so important to me.

How did your customers respond to the use of organic products?

Since the salon just recently opened and it’s called, ‘NJ’s Organic Hair Salon,’ all of my customers tend to be people who are already passionate about leading natural and organic lifestyles. Every one of my customers loves how their hair feels after an appointment and they are often amazed at how good the salon always smells.


I have pretty high standards for the products I use in my salon so I was thrilled when I found out about NATULIQUE. I love how the ingredients in the products are Certified Organic by third party organizations. All of the products smell so fresh and natural and they work wonders for my clients’ hair. The clients who come in that haven’t used many organic products before always notice such a huge difference in their hair after switching to NATULIQUE.

Take a look at the amazing hair art created in NJ’s Organic Hair Salon…


N. J. Organic Hair Salon

Stylist: Victoria

N. J. Organic Hair Salon

Stylist: Mikhyla

N. J. Organic Hair Salon

Stylist: Victoria

N. J. Organic Hair Salon

Stylist: Mikhyla

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