NATULIQUE Color Reviews

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NATULIQUE Color Reviews

Excellent that I can feel confident working with a range that has no nasties!!! I have developed an auto immune disease…

Opslået af Rasheeda Layton på 21. april 2017

Natulique is the best hair Color and hair care line I have ever used. The Color line is so amazing with 100 % gray…

Opslået af Jean Thorne på 9. februar 2016

Why switching to a lower chemical colour and toxic free Haircare should be top of your priority list?The pituitary…

Opslået af Ninety Eight Organics hair and wellness studio på 1. maj 2017

Natural colour works :))

Opslået af Hair by Nikki på 17. april 2017

Thom Kirby Hair started using NATULIQUE over 18 months ago, and have never looked back. We love the coverage, the…

Opslået af Victoria Kirby på 29. september 2016

The more I play with product, the better it gets – the results speak for themselves – colour durability , zero irritation , body , shine – Brilliant !!!

Opslået af Leigh Riley på 14. november 2013

My guests are loving the colours & so are my team x

Opslået af Stacey Robins på 3. juni 2015

Organic makes a difference …

Had my hair bleached once before and it wasn’t a good experience. Hesitated this time round but decided to give my trust and truly I wasn’t disappointed. My hair was back to the usual texture after a few days…”
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Comparing from past dyeing experiences, it definitely had less of a stinging sensation on the scalp, prolly just a slight sting if you’re more sensitive to pain. I would say it definitely felt better, it didn’t feel as if it was burning my scalp off. I normally don’t get attached to hair colours that easily but wtf I love this one. It has a greyish, brownish hue to the ends that really makes the colour look more ashy.
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SAMMI TEO, *****
The best!!!
They are AMMONIA- FREAKIN- FREE guys. THEY ARE PAINLESS AND THEY DON’T STINK. I am not exaggerating. I hate bleaching. If you ever had your hair bleached before you would know how itchy and painful and smelly bleach is and you just hate them. They burn your scalps and nose hairs. I can promise you, the bleach they used was so painless i was so so so surprised i didn’t feel a tingling thing and i was so happy. Their products are all organic too!!!

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NATULIQUE Color Reviews

NATULIQUE is the Best Brand of 2017 at ELUXE Magazine

Here is what they said: “Although they’re best known for their natural hair dye range, Natulique provides myriad other hair care products, too. From hair gels and sprays to shampoos and conditioners, NATULIQUE represents excellent products with raw organic ingredients of unparalleled quality and superb functionality. They prove beyond a doubt that having fewer chemicals in hair products gives better results.

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