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Rachel Walker
is the proud Director of Chilli Couture – Pure Hair Indulgence in Perth, Australia. She has 27 years as Perth’s top award-winning colourist and stylist. Rachel has a passion for her clients, her industry and her salon; her commitment to its growth and success is stronger than ever.

I opened Chilli Couture 5 ½ years ago after a very long stint working as a platform educator for Sebastian Professional throughout the Asia Pacific region. When I first opened the salon I had a business partner who although shared my business ideals did not share my personal ethics about the environment and animal welfare.

For the first couple of years, the salon operated like any other salon but when I took over as full owner at the beginning of 2014 I knew that I had the opportunity to make my business reflect my personal values. I strongly believe that businesses today of any size should be responsible, sustainable and accountable in the world we live in. This planet and all that is in it are beautiful and should be respected not exploited. So I have structured my business to reflect all that I am passionate about.

The journey into being 100% vegan and using organic-based colours has been a wonderful and rewarding journey, and though it wasn’t always seamless; I don’t regret it for one moment! 

As Chilli Couture’s Director, I am extremely conscious of leading by example for my team and as a responsible business owner within my community. I am respectful of our environment and the impact of the damaging effects any business can cause especially the hairdressing industry. As I believe that every little bit of environmental consideration counts, we use the following procedures at Chilli Couture to help protect our environment and create a business that reflects my love of our planet.

Rachel cares deeply about animal welfare and is very committed to a vegan lifestyle.

I am a proud follower of a 100% plant based diet, my personal ethos is to do no harm to others, so I am committed to every product available for sale within Chilli Couture to be 100% Vegan. This means no animal testing on any of our products. I also am a proud supporter of Animals Australia and Chilli Couture donates monthly to this wonderful organisation to aid them in their important work. Animals Australia is a non-profit charitable organisation financed through community support.

“Animals Australia believes that we can create a better world for all through promoting kindness to animals. Our goal is to significantly and permanently improve the welfare of all animals in Australia”

To help raise funds for Animals Australia, in 2012 I successfully set myself the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which is a 5895 meter 9 day ‘peak climb to the top. I single-handedly raised $5675.00 through fund-raising and sponsorship for Animals Australia.

We admire Rachel’s strong willpower towards a cleaner future and her involvement in Animals Australia. We love when our family members make NATULIQUE Hair Colour reviews about their personal passion, thank you so much, Rachel Walker.

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NATULIQUE Hair Colour reviews

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