The Story of Donnatella Alexander

Donnatella Alexander
is the proud owner of Tella to You Organic Hair Salon in Athens, Georgia. Opening the salon has been a dream of Donnatella’s for a long time. As a colourist through several years, she saw the damage that traditional hair colour had on clients’ hair and scalp plus the long-term effects it had on the stylists. As a result, she began using organic based products to sustain a healthy environment for both staff and clients. Donnatella tells:

“Growing up in Saudi Arabia, living by the Red Sea and travelling extensively, I was exposed to an array of people, cultures and more. This opened my world to such colours, textures, and sounds setting me on a path at a young age to want to apply those experiences creatively to hair. And so my journey began…

I am a Certified Master Colorist that is wild about color, and the unlimited creativity of playing. After years of working in different areas of the hair industry as a master stylist/colorist, salon manager, and educator, I decided to boldly go where I had never been and open my own salon. So in 2005 while living in South Florida, I started Tella to You.

Upon moving in 2010, with my husband Richard, to Athens, Georgia I opened Tella to You Organic Hair Salon. Concentrating predominantly on color for over 20 years I observed first-hand the damage that conventional color had on hair. Combined with my passion for the environment and nutrition, it was only natural that my salon should be organic using exclusively natural hair color and certified organic hair care products. NATULIQUE has been the answer to all my creative needs and client needs. I am thrilled to partner with NATULIQUE and appreciate all their support and the warmth that comes from everyone at the Company.”

We admire Donnatella’s courage to make her dream of opening Tella to You come true. Tella is truly an inspiring woman and an amazing colourist. We just love sharing the passionate stories of our NATULIQUE family members.

… Take a look at some of Donnatella’s amazing hair art

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220 N Milledge Ave
Athens, Georgia
+1 706-675-5676

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