The Story of Tracy Jane Melia

After 30 years in the business, Tracy Melia was close to giving up her passion of hairdressing due to severe health problems. Tracy told us about her educational journey and explains why it is beyond important to make next-generation hairdressers aware of the dangers of conventional hair colours.

“I wish that I had discovered NATULIQUE years ago. It was only after a decline in health that I decided to look for something safer – not only for me, but for my clients and the environment too. The harsh chemicals that I had been exposed to during my 30 years of hairdressing had caused breathing problems and along with other things a constant, lingering cough. It had the choice between either changing what I was using or quitting hairdressing.

How glad I am that I found Natulique! After just six months of using these great, safer and organic hair products the cough has disappeared and the chest problems have gone too. Who would have believed it? I never knew the risks of using conventional hair colours and styling products and I never even thought about organic as an option. I am not your typical ‘green’ or health conscious person but since using NATULIQUE I have been on an educational journey learning about the benefits of using organic inside and out. Moreover, I have certainly had my eyes opened regarding the treatment of animals and the environment.

I love that Cloud Nine is an organic hair and beauty salon, and we aim to provide a great and glamourous service without a cost to anyone’s health and surroundings. I believe that anyone starting on their hairdressing career journey should consider their health in the future, now, before the damage is done. Beauty schools and colleges should make their students aware of the dangers and show them that there is a choice of professional organic products. Not only will us as hairdressers benefit from it, but our clients will be amazed at the change of condition in their hair and wellbeing. There is nothing more satisfying than having clients call you after their treatment to say that their hair is the best it has ever been.”

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