Guide to Organic Hair Colour

If you are looking for 100% organic hair colour, you may look forever. 100% organic hair colour simply doesn’t exists. Our Natural Hair Colours on the contrary contains organic ingredients, which is why we call our colours Organic based or Natural. Our Natural Hair Colours are furthermore ammonia free with a minimum amount of ppd. At NATULIQUE we as salon business experts would like to guide you to a more natural & organic hair colour experience in your salon.
At NATULIQUE, we have recognised the importance of exclusive, non-diverted, high quality, socially conscious, and environmentally responsible products.

Natulique Organic Hair Colour

NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colour Benefits

  • Less chemicals

  • Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Safe and sustainable

  • Healthier hair results

  • PPD free colors

  • Ammonia free colors

  • Healthier salon atmosphere

  • Cruelty free

  • Better salon experience

  • Sustainable packaging & manufacturing methods

  • Reduced risk of allergies

  • Better and safer salon environment for hairdressers

Throughout this guide of NATULIQUE’s organic based hair colours, we’ll be expanding upon the above benefits, and why it’s so rare to find a professional colour line that meets all of these standards. But first, let’s answer the common questions about NATULIQUE organic based hair colour.

BONUS: We Are Cruelty Free

YES! NATULIQUE is all about ending animal cruelty. The European cosmetic law states that no cosmetics products tested on animals may be sold in Denmark. We wish to raise awareness in the beauty industry and for the consumers to realize that they have a choice and a voice to help change the cosmetic industry across the world! Speak up and demand companies to be cruelty free!

You can read more about our values and initiatives we support.

Natulique Organic Hair Colour

We Give Great Results

Does the NATULIQUE organic hair colours give great results? The answer is YES!

NATULIQUE Organic based Hair Colour can give you 100% coverage – and will color any stubborn outgrowth. Often at NATULIQUE we meet scepticism and people not believing that organic, PPD free and ammonia free hair colors will give the same results as other hair colours. But here’s the thing: it does!
See for yourself! And you are even left with a healthier hair and scalp!

NATULIQUE Organic Hair Color Result

The NATULIQUE Organic based Hair Colours

The NATULIQUE organic based hair colour line has 76 natural colours that are 100% ammonia-free, 100% lauryl sulfate free, 100% parabens free, 100% grey coverage and 22 other colours: for the modern man; douce hair colours that are semi-transparent and demonstrates the hottest new way to colour hair; and Zero hair colours that are 100% PPD-free.

Due to the high quality of every NATULIQUE organic hair colour, every shade is vibrant and true-to-tone. We create everything from vibrant, lasting red hair colours for fun, fashion tones, almost any hair colour can be created with NATULIQUE organic hair colour!

This gives the creativity and control back to the hair stylist – the only limit is your imagination!

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Natulique Organic Hair Colour

The Organic Hair Colour Ingredients

  • Grape seed oil

  • Wheat protein

  • Shea tree butter

  • Olive

  • Sunflower seed extract

  • Jojoba seed oil

  • Peach kernel oil

  • Apricot kernel oil

  • Lemon peel extract

  • Grapefruit peel oil

  • Orange peel oil

If you want to read more about our organic ingredients you can look them up and learn more about their functions and why they are SO GREAT for the hair!

NATULIQUE Organic Hair Color Olive

Where can I get NATULIQUE Organic based Hair Colour?

You now know the main benefits and details of NATULIQUE organic based hair colour. Did we catch your attention? If you are interested in learning more or do you want NATULIQUE in your salon? Please fill out our contact form and we will get in touch!

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