What is NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colours?

What does NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colours mean? Does it make a difference for the hair? Within the professional beauty industry the term ’organic hair colours’ means that the hair colour is made from organic botanicals and with far less chemicals that regular hair colours. If you think about food and organic food, the term is the same. Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides. So if you prefer organic food – you should also prefer organic hair colour!

The NATULIQUE hair colours are formulated with the least amount of synthetic chemicals and the maximum amount of organic botanical ingredients.

Does 100% organic colours exist?

There is no such thing as 100% professional organic hair colours. Hair colours must contain a certain amount of synthetic ingredients in order for the colour to work properly in the hair. As a salon artist you know, that you need a pH adjuster in order for the hair to open up. This is one of the few synthetic ingredients that is needed in order for the colours to work properly and give greater results.

Of course, there are henna hair colours that are 100% natural, however, is henna hair colour not always able to cover grey hair. Neither is henna hair the best choice if you look at the results because henna hair colours contain metallic salts and can make the hair feel dry and damaged over time.

NATULIQUE organic hair colours
NATULIQUE organic hair colours

The NATULIQUE goal is to formulate the best organic hair colours for professionals that contain less chemicals and gives you better colouring!

NATULIQUE natural hair colour contains:

  • Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Almost no PPD (average amount 0.01%)
  • No Ammonia

  • No Laurel Sulfates

  • 98.02% Naturally derived Ingredients

  • No Parabens

  • Pleasant Mild Odor

  • Absolutely No Animal Testing

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Does NATULIQUE Colour Work?

Organic hair colours are made as natural as possible with as few chemicals as possible. The NATULIQUE hair colours only contain the certain amount of chemicals necessary to perform. We strive to create as natural colours as possible but it is also important to us, that the results are great! Hair colours must contain pH adjuster (Ethanolamine) that opens up the hair, but the difference between many brands is the ingredient used as a pH adjuster. It does not have to be a damaging chemical!

NATULIQUE organic hair colours
NATULIQUE organic hair colours

Professional Ammonia Free Hair Colours

Not all ammonia free hair colour brand are created equally. Make sure you know what the ingredients mean. Simply choosing an ammonia free hair colour does not ensure the best or healthiest result for your client. Even though there is no ammonia in the hair colour and therefore no damaging fumes – ammonia free hair colour can still do more damage than necessary.

This is why:
Depending on the brand, you can find any number of these ingredients used instead of ammonia:

  • Monoethanolamine (MEA)

  • Ethanolamine

  • Cocomide MEA

  • Aminomethylpropanol (AMEA)

Most hair colour brands use Ethanolamine to replace ammonia. At NATULIQUE we use a mix of Cocomide MEA and Ethanolamine. But the very important difference between NATULIQUE and other hair colour brands is the percentages of this ingredient. Both Ethanolamine and ammonia’s role in hair colour is to raise the pH level of the hair so the colour molecules can penetrate the hair.

NATULIQUE organic hair colours
NATULIQUE organic hair colours

When you use too much of either ingredient, the pH level of the hair will alter drastically and the cuticle will have difficulty closing after the colouring treatment.
When the cuticle is unable to close, shine does not reflect off the scales because they’re dishevelled and open, instead of tightly packed down.

Another important factor is that the hair colour will fade faster with too much MEA, because of the cuticle’s inability to close and lock in molecules.

NATULIQUE only contains 1% Cocamide MEA and 1,5% Ethanolamine. Both the Cocamide MEA and Ethanolamine in NATULIQUE are derived from coconuts.

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How can you Substitute Ammonia in Hair Colours?

As a salon owner, hair stylist or chair renter, you will want to choose an ammonia-free hair colour line that uses their pH adjuster in minimal amounts. You’ll also want to choose a brand that ensures all Ethanolamine and MEA is removed from the hair.
If you choose NATULIQUE Organic hair colours you will get a natural hair colour with fewer toxins and better results. No personnel will be exposed to toxic fumes, and your customers will leave your salon happy and without annoyed scalps from chemicals and a shining hair!
Use our hair bonding treatment after colouring to ensure not only increase shine and elasticity – but to make sure that cuticles close properly.

NATULIQUE organic hair colours

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