Can you already hear the chiming bells? The wedding season is just around the corner, and when it comes to hairstyling for the big day, every season brings trends that one can simply not resist.

This year’s wedding season promises to be all about the natural and effortless look, and we will reveal 5 beautiful hairstyles that will make your bride shine…

#1 Textured Waves

textured wave bride hair 2019

A textured hairstyle brings the romantic feeling that this season is all about.

Textured waves are a classic that will definitely make a comeback in 2019. It is a simple yet very polish option for brides going for a loose wedding hairstyle.

To achieve the perfect waves NATULIQUE Beach Wave Ocean Spray is the product to go for when it comes to texturising your bride’s hair, and our Sun & Heat Protector is key to prepare the hair for the curling iron.

To finish you can use both the NATULIQUE Ultra Shine Finisher and our Natural Hair Spray.

#2 Simple Updos


Updos are perfect to frame the bride’s face, and the season calls for more effortless ones.

The perfect combination of a soft and structured updo seems to be the tendency among the brides this season.

A tip to obtain polished and imperfect bridal updos is to use NATULIQUE Volumizing Dry Shampoo for a more flexible result or NATULIQUE Natural Hair Spray if you are aiming for a more structured appearance.

#3 Play with accessories

Hair accessory wedding trend

This season was invaded with hair clips, headbands and scrunchies, and brides could not fall behind.

However, the occasion claim for a more well-finished option that can either be a bow or a floral crown, or even a jewelry piece. Incorporating these wedding hair pieces in a half-up or in an effortless updo might be the way to achieve the natural result that this season calls for.

#4 Original Ponytails

wedding_hair trend_ponytail

You might think ‘What is original about a ponytail? But the truth is that they are scoring high on the wedding hairstyles trends for this season.

Of course, brides are looking for more remarkable and unique versions of it. The trend set that as long as a textured and romantic result is reached, you’ve nailed it.

Apply NATULIQUE Molding Paste to achieve sleekness, and finish the romantic ponytail with NATULIQUE Curl Defining Hair Cream. For a final fixing touch use our Natural Hair Spray.

#5 Let’s Twist again!


This season, twisted hairstyles seem to come as an updated version of the all-time favourite braided wedding hair.

Once again, the natural and romantic finish is the goal to aim for, and that can be achieved using NATULIQUE’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo prior to the twisting, and NATULIQUE Natural Hair Spray and Ultra Shine Finisher to give the final touches.

Regardless of any trend, the most important is that the bride’s personality is present in the final result, and that the bride’s hair health is taken care of.

For both things brides can always count on her favourite’s hairdresser creativity and the best selection of products and practices. Happy Wedding Season!

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