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Who doesn’t want shiny hair? Ultra-glossy, high-shine hair with just a simple spray or press on a bottle. Both an easy trick for you and for your clients!

For your client to get glossy and shiny hair, they need products to encourage more specular reflection, for the hair to reflect like a mirror and for creating a dazzling shine.

There are many ways to avoid dull hair and to add shine to your client’s hair; Here are three products to boost shine in your costumer’s hair as an everyday treat for your clients to use in-between salon visits.

These three products are a perfect trick for adding shine as the perfect final touch to any style for a gorgeous gloss. They are also a great opportunity for your costumers to keep their hair shiny all day every day and achieve super-shine status.

For example is the Ultra Shine Finisher the perfect final touch to any style and adds gorgeous gloss and a shine that lasts all day. While the Volume Shape Hair Mousse adds shine and at the same time provides your client with the maximum manageability. Lastly the Rejuvenating Hair Mist is both an aromatic and refreshing treat that adds shine at the same time.

What these three products have in common is that they quickly add shine to your client’s hair, and they contain different, unique blends with beneficial ingredients. Absolutely a win-win!

add shine with Volumizing Hair Mousse

Add shine to your hair with our Volumizing Hair Mousse. Adds volume and hold, preparing the hair for styling, while also providing maximum manageability and creativty.

Our Volumizing Hair Mousse is made from Cetified Organic and Natural ingredients and contains no Sulfates and Parabens.

Add shine with our Ultra Shine Finisher. Adds gloss and shine that lasts all day. Also helps to protect the hair against harsh environmental elements, while calming flyaways and frizz without compromising hair volume.

Our Ultra Shine Finisher is made from Bio DME Gas and contains natural extracts from Rose and Goji Berry.

A Certified Organic refreshing therapeautic hair mist to fortify, moisturize and soften hair while making your hair smell amazing!

Besides adding shine to the hair, the Rejuvenating Hair Mist also is a great anti-frizz agent and it’s beneficial ingredients penetrates and nourishes the hair from the inside.