Volume is what many clients want. No matter if your client has long or short hair, a lot of them probably want bouncy, voluminous hair. And we definitely understand them! 

But that natural volume is unfortunately not easy for your client to control. Especially the clients who has fine or thin hair, at times gravity works against them by pulling their hair down and maybe even leaving them with limp locks.

It can be hard work for your client to get full-bodied hair in-between salon visits and maybe even harder to keep the volume throughout the day. But helping your customers to have voluminous hair after they leave their home in the morning is fortunately not at all unrealistic with the right products. 

To volumize your client’s hair, they need a product that can take the weight of the hair. The key lies in the products: These products will definitely help them along the way by giving your client’s hair a little boost and help them to achieve some extra volume.

The Volumizing Dry Shampoo is the ideal solution to achieve beautifully cleansed and degreased hair, while adding volume to your client’s hair. The Volume Shape Hair Mousse is also ideal for adding volume by actively promoting gorgeous curls and waves. Finally the Scandinavian Inspired Ocean Spray provides your client with a beachy look and bouncy waves with enhanced texture and extra volume

See more of our NATULIQUE products that we recommend for clients with thin hair and flat hair or the products from our Volume Hair Care Family.


Add volume with our Volumizing Hair Mousse. Adds volume and hold, preparing the hair for styling, while also providing maximum manageability and creativty.

Our Volumizing Hair Mousse is made from Certified Organic and Natural ingredients and contains no Sulfates and Parabens.

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Add volume with our Volumizing Dry Shampoo. An invisible dry shampoo perfect to enhance and add extra volume to both long and short hair

Our Volumizing Dry Shampoo is made from Cetified Organic and Natural ingredients and contains no Sulfates or Parabens.

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Beach Wave Ocean Spray


Certified Organic natural beach wave creator to simulate a luscious, instant beach look with overall improved texture.

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Add volume with our Dark Tone Dry Shampoo. An dark-toned dry shampoo perfect to enhance and add extra volume to both long and short hair

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