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Define Curls

For your curly-haired clients, frizz-free and defined curls are probably the ultimate goal. And if your client has curly hair, they surely want the curls to last all day. To keep the curls on point for many hours is a difficult task, but these products will help your client on the way.

Curls can be unruly, unpredictable and difficult to control, and it is a hard job to keep the curls defined. Your client’s hair needs to be treated right for the curls or waves to stay strong and shiny throughout the day.

To define the curls, they definitely need support, volume and hold. Each of these products will help your client to keep the curls where they want throughout the day. The products are also for an everyday use, so your clients can look curly amazing day after day.

Ideal for defining curls is our Curl Defining Hair Cream, that both supports and protects the hair, preventing deformation and frizzing of the curls. Our Volume Shape Hair Mousse is also a great “tool” for curls, because it provides you with the maximum manageability and creativity by actively promoting gorgeous curls and waves. Lastly our Scandinavian Inspired Ocean Spray is amazing, if your client wants bouncy waves and overall texture for a luscious, beachy look

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Define Curls with Curl Defining Hair Cream NATULIQUE

Specially developed to define and give curls optimal support, while lightly nourishing and providing optimal shine to their hair.

Define Curls in a natural way. Our Curl Defining Hair Cream is made with Certified Organic and Natural ingredients and contains no Sulfates and Parabens.

Define Curls with Volumizing Hair Mousse

Adds volume and hold, preparing the hair for styling, while also providing maximum manageability and creativty.

Define Curls in a organic and natural way. Our Curl Volumizing Hair Mousse’s pressure gas is derived from renewable Biomass waste and Organic and Natural ingredients.

Beach Wave Ocean Spray

Certified Organic natural beach wave creator to simulate a luscious, instant beach look with overall improved texture.