Specially developed to define and give curls optimal support, while lightly nourishing and providing optimal shine to their hair.

Anti-Pollutive Dry Shampoo

Ultra-light instant grease removal with environmental protection for scalp and hair. A perfect texturizing prepare for styling without adding any hold to the hair.

Adds volume and hold, preparing the hair for styling, while also providing maximum manageability and creativity.

Softens, hydrates and moisturises the hair, while helping to smooth split ends and frizz, leaving the hair smooth, silky and ready to style.

Specially formulated with pure Argan Oil, Natural Silk Protein and Vitamin B5 to deeply nourish the hair while working as a creamy heat protector.

Hair Prep

An invisible dry shampoo perfect to add and enhance volume in the hair before styling.

An all-in-one product that offers long-lasting, everyday heat, sun and UV protection.

Rejuvenating Hair Spray

A new refreshing therapeutic hair mist to fortify, moisturize and soften hair while making your hair smell amazing! Loaded with certified organic ingredients, of course.

Hair Prep

An invisible dry shampoo, for refreshing hair before, or after a hectic day. Absorbs excess oil, dirt and unwanted residues from styling products, leaving the hair refreshed, bouncy and perfectly manageable. It is specially formulated for dark-toned hair to avoid leaving black or brown locks looking white or grey.