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NEW Der NATULIQUE Natural Curl Creator ist ein innovatives professionelles Multi-funktionales System, welches weitaus weniger Chemikalien enthält. Es glättet das Haar schonend oder kreiert bei Bedarf Locken und Wellen.

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curl creator
Transforming har styles into works of art


NEW NATULIQUE Natural Curls is an innovative professional multi-functional curling and smoothing system that contain far less chemicals, to create permanent natural curls, or smoothen hair.

curl creator

professional curl, relaxing
and smoothing system

NATULIQUE Natural Curl Creator is an innovative professional perming system containing far less chemicals, to create permanent natural curls, or smoothen hair. Formulated with added natural ingredients to match natural pH levels, the hair and scalp are left protected, healthy and undamaged. Added plant protein increases protein levels to strengthen and treat the hair as gentle and carefully as possible. Want to learn more, visit our training page here.

Added natural plant protein increases protein levels to help strengthen and protect the hair,
while ensuring a gentle and careful treatment.


The NATULIQUE Curl System can be used to change the structure and texture of the hair. The difference between curling and relaxing lies in the intended outcome and the procedure used to achieve the result. The NATULIQUE Curl System introduces curls and ringlets, but can also be applied to soften tight curls or very curly hair.

with added certified organic and nautral ingredients

  • 100% Thioglycolate (TGC) Free
  • 100% Formaldehyde Free
  • 100% Ammonia Free
  • 100% Parabens Free
  • Matches Natural pH levels
  • Contains far Less Chemicals
  • With Beneficial Fruit Acids
  • With added Plant Protein
  • Not tested on animals


NATULIQUE Professional Curl Creators are Thioglycolate (TGC) Free, having been replaced by the much better ingredient, Cysteamin HCL. Thioglycolate can damage the hair because it normally contains Thioglycolic Acid – a very strong chemical used, but not normally meant for use in hair products. Thioglycolic Acid is an eye and skin irritant and has, in lab tests, shown to detrimentally affect the liver and the gastrointestinal tract.


Are you about to use the Curling / Smoothing system in your salon? Below you can download the latest instructions for the system:
Download Curl Instructions [UPDATED Feb 2018]
Download Smoothing Instructions [UPDATED Feb 2018]

love and nourish your curls

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