The word ‘organic’ has become one of those buzzwords you are hearing everywhere.

No wonder.

Organic lifestyle not only brings positive effects to your health, but also to the planet.

NATULIQUE is grounded in the organic philosophy, and we truly believe that this will be the future. Besides removing all unnecessary chemicals from our hair products, we strive to use as many certified organic ingredients as possible.

But what is so great about going organic?

We have gathered 5 of the most obvious reasons.

NATULIQUE Vegan products

1. Avoid chemicals and pesticides

Organic farming is based on natural methods for keeping weeds and pests down, and no synthetic pesticides are used.

When you buy organic, you therefore save yourself the risk of residues of pesticides. The certified organic ingredients used in the NATULIQUE products are therefore not only beneficial for natural reasons, but also because they have not been exposed to chemicals during production.

We are all surrounded by chemicals in our daily life that potentially could harm our health. This is a way to minimize that risk.

Cranberry farm

NATULIQUE Co-founder Stig Bundgaard visiting an organic cranberry farm.

2. Protect the environment

Organic farming ensures that nature stays clean and rich.

Visit an organic farm and you will notice something; a buzz of animal, bird, and insect activity. Research shows that there are around 30 percent more wildlife and plants near ecological production fields compared to conventional farming. This is due to the fact that there are no pesticides, and fertilizer is used far less.

This is also good for the groundwater.

The environment downstream from industrial farms is being visibly affected by the amount of chemicals that run off into the water. So when you buy organic goods, you help to save our common water for residues of toxins that are used on non-organic fields.

NATULIQUE Vegan products

3. Benefit from more nutrients

It is proven that you can gain more nutrients and vitamins from ingredients grown from organic farming than conventional farming.

In 2014, British Journal of Nutrition found that organic ingredients have substantially higher concentrations of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Consumption of these compounds is linked to a variety of benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects.

NATULIQUE Vegan products

4. Support local farmers and protect their surroundings from toxic chemicals

If we take the US as an example, the percentage of organic farms vs. massive industrial operations is extremely unbalanced.

Only 15-20.000 of the 2 million farms in the US are organic.

The more we can support these farmers and their production, the more things can be done right.

Organic farming helps to protect both groundwater and biodiversity, which is of major importance to the people and animals living nearby the production. According to the World Health Organization, between 20,000 and 40,000 people die every year due to pesticide poisoning.

But it is not only the farmers who are affected by pesticides, the use of chemicals also has a major impact on the local population. Several researchers have found significant increases in the number of cancer cases and other diseases in production areas.

By purchasing organic products, you can be sure that production does not harm local communities.

NATULIQUE Vegan products

5. Avoid GMO

Buying organic is also the only way to make sure to avoid GMO products.

GMO stands for ‘genetically modified organism’, which means that the ingredient is created from an unnatural composition of genes to give it new characteristics.

Eleven years ago, genetically modified products were not part of our goods supply, today 30 percent of our crops are planted in GMO’s.

Organic farmers do not use GMO’s as the health consequences are not 100% known, and for the time being, we do not know how genetically engineered plants spread to nature.

NATULIQUE Vegan products

The Organic Movement in Denmark

The NATULIQUE ingredients are all carefully selected to create the safest and cleanest professional hair products without compromising on functionality.

Luckily, we are rooted in the world’s most forward-thinking countries when it comes to organic regulations; Denmark.

Organic farming in Denmark is already ahead of its time, and it was the first country to implement an organic state control as well as the first organic logo (Ø-mærket). Strict regulations, known as ‘organic standards’, define what organic farmers can and cannot do – and place a strong emphasis on the protection of wildlife and the environment.

The Danish government has come up with a plan to double the country’s organically cultivated areas by 2020.

This gives NATULIQUE the very best circumstances to raise the bars within organic hair care standards and to jam-pack our products with certified organic ingredients.

We strive to remove all unnecessary chemicals from the beauty industry as well as minimizing our environmental footprint.

Are you intersted in natural ingredients? Start your natural journey and become a healthier salon today with NATULIQUE!

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