The most gentle, 100% ammonia-free, high-performance professional hair colour in the world. With Certified Organic Ingredients and fewer toxins.

organic hair colours

The natural based choice for a 100% ammonia-free permanent natural hair colour – with certified organic ingredients

natural hair colours

With NATULIQUE Natural Colours you can offer your clients a change of colour with the maximum gentleness. Includes 76 shades of fabulous for your every need! This is our original hair colour family.

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Hair Whitener Lightener

Specially developed with added nutrients to protect the hair and skin, without compromising on perfect results.

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Natural fashion pastel colours

A range of pastel shades, semi-transparent, demi-transparent hair colours for the creation of fashionable effects.

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sun-kissed professional hair effects

A quick and simple one-step permanent hair colour service which creates a mild and soft end-result, to any natural, NATULIQUE lightened or NATULIQUE hair colour serviced hairs.

Sun-kissed hair effects

Natural Man Colours Grey Coverage

NATULIQUE Natural MAN is the new 100% Ammonia, SLS and Parabens free professional permanent men’s hair colour with a semi-permanent result that is capable of grey hair coverage.

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hair colour refreshers

Pre-mixed semi-permanent natural based colour cream with 13 added certified organic and natural extracts. Available in 4 shades: Extreme Silver, Mahogany, Intense Copper & Anthracite. 100% PPD- and 100% PTD free.

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ppd-free hair colours

The NATULIQUE ZERO Hair Colours were developed and designed for those clients with a heightened and extreme sensitivity to PPD. Still made with all the beneficial certified organic and natural ingredients, but 100% PPD-free.

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What about a 100% Organic Hair Colour ?


Are you looking for a 100% organic hair colour with full permanent covering results?

We are very sorry to disappoint, but there is simply no such thing. In our experience and humble opinion, there are two factors making it impossible to create 100% organic hair colour: Permanent colouring and grey coverage. For permanent results, the colour must contain a pH adjuster to open the hair cuticle. In conventional hair colours, this purpose is fulfilled by ammonia. Unfortunately, many hairdressers suffer from severe health conditions such as headaches, chronic coughs and rashes as a consequence of working with ammonia colours.

At NATULIQUE, we chose to replace ammonia with the more gentle pH adjuster Monoethanolamine (MEA).

The second, non-organic ingredient, needed to create permanent results and grey coverage is PPD (P-Phenylenediamine) or its sister compound PTD (Toulene-2.5-Diamine). If your client is not allergic, PPD and PTD in small amounts are however not harmful. Consequently, if you want to achieve permanent results and grey coverage, you have to say goodbye to the idea of 100% organic hair colour.

Nevertheless, there are natural alternatives, such as NATULIQUE, that contain as many certified organic ingredients as possible without compromising on functionality and quality.

Do you want to read more on the subject? We did a write up about MEA, PPD and “organic hair colouring” here.