PPD-Free Hair Colours

The NATULIQUE PPD-Free Hair Colours: At NATULIQUE, we constantly strive towards creating the best possible solution with the highest amount of organic and natural ingredients. Our hair colours contain probably the world’s lowest amount of PPD in a professional colour. Now, we even managed to create PPD Free Hair Colours while ensuring professional lasting quality and grey hair coverage.

PPD-Free Naturals – Natural Hair Colours without PPD

We now also offer 11 natural shades that are 100% PPD-free – as an alternative to our original colours. The Zero Colours are created for clients with a heightened sensitivity to PPD and even comes in 75ml recyclable aluminium.

Explore PPD-Free Naturals

PPD Free
Lauryl Sulfate Free
Parabens Free
Grey Hair Coverage
PPD Free Hair Colour - mahogany golden blondePPD Free Hair Colour - red violet auburn
PPD Free Hair Colour - tropical strawberry blondePPD Free Hair Colour - light chestnut red
PPD Free Hair Colour - deep flame redPPD Free Hair Colour - intense red dark blonde
PPD Free Hair Colour - dark tropical strawberry blondePPD Free Hair Colour - Intense Copper Mix
PPD Free Hair Colours