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Complete professional hair salon line based on natural and organic ingredients, with less chemicals and better functionality.

What good is beautiful hair when it is a risk to your health?

At NATULIQUE, we work from a simple standpoint; to use as many certified organic ingredients in all of our products, and provide the professional hair colour industry with a safer and more sustainable alternative, with fewer chemicals and better functionality.


Back in the late 80s the young Danish couple, Stig and Mette were shocked by terrible news. During a routine checkup, the doctors discovered a lump in Mette’s breast. It was cancer. She was only 28 years old, and had been living a healthy life and did not smoke nor drink. There was no history of breast cancer in her family.

At that time there was little information about the disease. But Mette and Stig’s own investigation made it clear that our constant exposure to toxins, harmful chemicals and pesticides found in cosmetic products are connected to the risk of cancer.

After operations and radiation therapy, Mette luckily recovered and survived. But the wake-up call of how we all are affected by harmful chemicals came to change the family’s way of living and choice of cosmetic products.

Realising that the market for trustworthy organic products was extremely limited, Mette and Stig decided to make it their mission to bring safer, cleaner cosmetics to a market desperately in need of change.

In 1998 they founded NATULIQUE. The world’s first professional hair salon line, which has made it possible for hair artists and their clients to no longer have to worry about ammonia, resorcinol, or parabens when colouring hair. The NATULIQUE hair colours are stripped away from all unnecessary chemicals and are instead based on organic and natural ingredients beneficial for both the hair, health, and the planet.

Today, the NATULIQUE natural hair colours are proven to be the best ammonia-free professional hair colours in the world. Moreover, the NATULIQUE hair care line is the world’s first complete certified organic hair care line for professionals.

Our founders

Mette Lykkegaard

As a survivor of breast cancer, Mette became one of the driving forces for creating NATULIQUE. Her realizing what chemicals in cosmetics does to our bodies shed the light on the lack of organic products in the professional hair industry. Mette has a background in law but turned to the beauty industry with a sincere passion for bringing safer products to the market. Her professional legal knowledge within cosmetics legislation is the building block of the high safety standards and quality of the NATULIQUE products.

Stig Bundgaard

As a young graduate in Economics, Stig’s goal was to choose a career in wind, wave or tidal energy as it means working towards a brighter, more sustainable future. But, after experiencing the consequences of cosmetic chemicals in his family, he realized that sustainable living is not something exclusive to green energy production. This led him to pledge his career to creating a cleaner beauty industry. Stig’s comprehensive business knowledge is what drives the organic movement of NATULIQUE in the cosmetic market.


1998: NATULIQUE was founded in Aarhus, Denmark
2000: Introduction of Everyday Hairwash

NATULIQUE introduced the Everyday Hairwash manufactured as a professional hair care product. The investigation in the properties of the naturally derived ingredients, such as flower and plant essences as key ingredients, were in progress.

2001: The green hair stylist was born

With drive, resilience and passion a small group of hair stylists became the green pioneers. They shared the same vision as NATULIQUE. With a promise to use as few chemicals as possible, the green hair stylist was born.

2002: Introduction of Moisture and Volume Hairwash and Conditioner

NATULIQUE introduces new organic products: The NATULIQUE Moisture Hairwash and the NATULIQUE Volume Hairwash. Each of the hair wash products were also paired with a NATULIQUE conditioner.


For the first time, NATULIQUE attended COSMOPROF; an exhibition exclusive for beauty professionals. COSMOPROF shows salon and beauty industry news from top manufactures and the latest salon trends, worldwide.

2004: Certified by the ECOCERT Standard

As more brands started marketing their products as organic, we realized that we had to get a trustworthy certification standard. With global presence, NATULIQUE had to go with a certification standard with a goal of becoming a worldwide certification body.

2005: The NATULIQUE Herbal Colour experiment

NATULIQUE made a small range of NATULIQUE herbal colours. These were the very first colours we ever introduced, and they were without PPD, PTD and Resorcinol. We thought these could be sold as a certified organic alternative to the normal chemical colours. But the process of permanently binding the colour to the hair strands was difficult, resulting in colours fading more quickly. This did not fit into the work in a salon and ultimately our hair colourists could not serve the needs of their clients with this colour.

2006: NATULIQUE launches 68 professional natural hair colours

NATULIQUE launched a range of 68 colours only for the use of creative, skilled and conscious professionals. The NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colours are gentle and lasting cream based permanent hair colours designed with focus on natural ingredients and less chemicals.

2008: Building a network of great distributors

NATULIQUE decided to work with distributors and today, we have the best and most dedicated partners, all over the world, and it is of great value to work with them and their customers.

2010: Marketing material of Rock Paper

We started making new marketing material and packaging using Rock Paper to reduce our carbon footprint. NATULIQUE adopts environmentally friendly solutions for production, packaging and marketing materials.

2013: The first NATULIQUE Award Show

In November 2013, the NATULIQUE UK distributor launched the NATULIQUE Colour Innovation Awards, which was held in London.

2014: Introducing Natural Styling

The Natural Styling line was unveiled in a big event in Las Vegas. We started out with 6 total styling products. The Nourishing Cream, the Curl Cream, the Hair Mousse, the Dry Shampoo, the Medium Hold Hairspray and last but not least the Argan Oil.

2014: Introducing the BIO DME pressure gas to spray cans

We use use propellants from 100% BIOMASS for our spray cans. It is made up of recyclable materials and does not leave any carbon footprint like most other aerosol spray cans unfortunately do.

2016: Introducing ZERO Colours and Douce Colours

At the World Beauty Forum in London, we introduced the ZERO Colours and the Douce Colours. The Zero Colours are 11 natural shades that are 100% PPD-free – as an alternative to our original colours. The Douce Colours demonstrates the hottest new way to colour hair with 6 trendy fashion pastel colours.

2016: Introducing the NATULIQUE Heat and Sun Protector and the Natural Curl and Smoothing System.

2017: NATULIQUE creates 360BIOCERT

Realising that no organic certification on the market at moment lives up to the standards we strive for, NATULIQUE created 360BIOCERT. With this standard we want to raise the bar for safer products in the professional hair industry.

2017: Selected products become certified by The Vegan Society

None of the NATULIQUE products are tested on animals, and never have been. The vegan certification is a symbol of the clear stand NATULIQUE takes against animal cruelty, and it assures the professional hairdresser that no animal testing or animal ingredients are in the products.

2017: Introducing 5 new hair care and styling products

NATULIQUE is now a full concept line that cover every need of the natural hair artist, enhanced with: the Colour Shield Hair Wash, Flexible Hold Styling Gel, Defining Hold Molding Paste, Hair Growth System, Beach Wave Ocean Spray.

2018: 20 years of NATULIQUE

“We started out with a small office that we just rented from friends, which functioned as a warehouse at the same time. During that time, Stig was working as a one-man army packing and selling our products on his own. Although the beginning was slow, our dream never wavered”, Mette states. In our 20 Years of NATULIUQE blog bost, we highlight the favourite moments of the 20 years jouney.

2018: NATULIQUE World Beauty Forum in Paris

From Australia, Thailand or Zyprus - distributors and artists from all over the world met at this year's NATULIQUE World Beauty Forum in Paris to celebrate 20 years of certified organic beauty

2018:10 NEW products joins our product family

A 20 years anniversary, moving offices and the biggest NATULIQUE World Beauty Forum ever – the NATULIQUE Denmark family had their hands quite full in 2018. But we wouldn’t be NATULIQUE if that would keep us from going forward. We launched more than 10 innovative products this year. Particularly the certified vegan family welcomed several new members to its ranks. Before we go on to revelling in the thrill of anticipation for the product innovations ahead in 2019, let’s take a short pause to look back on our 10 favourite newcomers.

2019: Welcome PPD- and PTD-free Colour Refreshers

New new luxurious and deeply nourishing, semi-permanent colour cream refreshes and intensifies colour are introduced in first two shades: Anthracite and Extreme-Silver.

2019: Introducing Hand Care

After many years of development, NATULIQUE introduces a Protective Hand Cream and Handwash. As always, with Certified Organic ingredients and also Certified Vegan.

2019: NATULIQUE UK Colour Innovation Award and 10 Year Anniversary (VIDEO)

And in January of 2010, exactly 10 years ago, NATULIQUE successfully introduced this idea to the British market.


Our Company


Our roots

NATULIQUE is rooted in Denmark, which is one of the most forward-thinking countries when it comes to sustainability, green living, and organic farming.

Denmark was the first country to introduce an organic state control, and has historically taken a progressive stance on environmental preservation as the first country in the world to implement an environmental law. We are regulated by the European Cosmetic Law, which bans 1.372 cosmetic ingredients while the US only bans 10. The NATULIQUE products are therefore at forefront of the industry by being developed in a safe and innovative environment.


Our standards

NATULIQUE has created 360BIOCERT, which lists the standards and ethos we pledge to when producing our organic and natural based products. It not only reflects the strict EU regulations we work under, but it also goes beyond industry standards and current organic certifications present in the international cosmetic market. We created our own standard as no certification on the market at moment lives up to the standards we strive for. With 360BIOCERT we want to raise the bar for safer products in the professional hair industry.

NATULIQUE Professionals

Our pledge to salons:

We are exclusively for professionals.
We believe that professional care and styling products should only be sold as an extension of advice giving by salon professionals only. This is why our products only can be found in salons and not on store shelves anywhere through the World. This is our pledge to the Professional Hair Artist.

Our Vision:

To pioneer and inspire clean healthy living.

Our Mission:

Empower Hair Artists with Sustainable Creativity to Change the World.

Our DNA:

NATULIQUE is family – Relationship is key

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“NATULIQUE Organic Beauty is taking a harder stand in the fight against animal testing in the beauty industry by adding the Vegan Certification to six hair care products, and more to come.”

Modern Salon

“My client has terribly damaged bleached hair from a hairdresser she had been seeing for years. I truly nearly cried and knew I had to get my hands on it.“ Lynne used NATULIQUE throughout the whole process…

Modern Salon

“This pro-salon range of permanent hair colour includes a selection to satisfy your preference to either enhance your natural hair hue, or alter your ego with avant garde pastel hued locks”

Eluxe Magazine

“Since Natulique offers a wide range of products from hair wax to hair spray, it’s really hard to choose one product to feature here! Definitely one of the most comprehensive ranges around.”

Eluxe Magazine


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